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Ederlezi – Athens accommodation

Ederlezi Boutique Hotel & Apartments are the epitome of modern Athens accommodation! They combine all features that are certain to give a feeling of convenience and enjoyment to every guest. Ederlezi cover all of potential guests’ needs and then some! It is a newly-renovated boutique Hotel in the heart of Athens, the vibrant area of Psirri. In walking distance from the Acropolis, near all the major sights. It is easily connected to the Athens airport via the Blue line of the Metro in the iconic Monastiraki station. Furthermore, it is even more easy to reach it from the port of Piraeus with the Green line! Designed according to the BoHo philosophy and the Stylish Simplicity concept, Ederlezi Boutique Hotel offers an aura or relaxation. All-natural materials, like wood, stone and straw, create a feeling of belonging and nature. In the centre of it all, the magnificent roof-garden, with 15 varieties of Greek flora and 2 olive trees! The roof garden Athens, is the most beloved part of the hotel and features prominently in the guests’ reviews and memories. The Ederlezi boutique apartments follow the Ederlezi Boutique Hotel concept and philosophy and they are in essence, extensions of it! Perfect for guests who wish to explore Athens, while staying in a relaxing apartment in the centre of the city. They are suited to all kinds of travellers: tourists, business travellers and those who wish an overnight stay between a boat and an airplane. Also, it is ideal for solo travellers, couples, families and groups of friends, younger and older people alike. Ultimately, the Ederlezi apartments are among the best Athens accommodation one can find.


  accommodation in Athens city center

Ederlezi Diamond – Athens accommodation

A two-bedroom stone house in Psirri, able to accommodate up to 4 guests. Ederlezi Diamond is in the middle of the rich Athens nightlife scene, in Psirri, right by the Monastiraki sq.! Its patio is a perfect place for breakfast, morning coffee or evening drinks. Literally anything that a guest could ever want lies in a nearby street, from markets and barber shops, to coffee houses and the best brunch places of Athens! We believe that it is the house anyone would like to have in Athens! Hence, this is the ideal Athens accommodation!

Ederlezi Emerald – Athens accommodation

A three-bedroom luxury Athens apartment in the up-and-coming Metaxourgheio area. Ederlezi Emerald is a space for families or large groups of friends who came to Athens to explore it. 8 people can stay in this Athens accommodation, having at their disposal an equipped kitchen and a washer-dryer machine. Its location in Metaxourgheio, places it 2 mins from the Metro station and the entire Athens transportation network! Moreover, its recent renovation, with all natural materials, plus all modern amenities, make it one of the best Athens accommodation!

Ederlezi Sapphire – Athens accommodation

A cosy, beautiful studio with real Acropolis view, 1 min away from the Metaxourgheio metro station. This is the perfect Athens accommodation for couples. Couples who wish not only to see Athens, but also share some beautiful moments in a relaxing space. The balcony with the beech wood railing and the breath-taking view will be the place of your best memories. Furthermore, the tingling sensation of the wood, the beauty of the small details and the surprising array of amenities. All this and more, make the Ederlezi Sapphire an experience on its own and one of the best Boutique apartments in Athens! You can book a stay directly with us, either by calling us at (+30) 211 1828454, by sending us an email at or with the Book Now button on our website! Book with us and live the Ederlezi Living experience!   wooden sign

Athens accommodation, the city of “Philoxenia”

“Philoxenia” (hospitality) was one of the most important attributes throughout Greek history. Since ancient times, Greeks were always accommodating to strangers visiting their city. According to the customs of hospitality, strangers were “holy” and the laws of gods and men protected them. Zeus, the king of the gods himself, was the protector of visitors. The Ancients worshipped this aspect as “Xenios Zeus”, “Zeus of the Strangers”. Nowhere was this more evident than civilized and democratic Athens. Athenians treated even the Persian envoys of King Xerxes that came to demand the city’s surrender, as honored guests. They offered them a good meal and a place to sleep. Also, they listened to their demands and after rejecting them, they kindly escorted them off the city, even giving them gifts! Hospitality as a concept remained strong during the different eras. In Ottoman times, hospitality was essential in spreading the ideals of European Enlightenment in Greek territories. Moreover, clerics, scholars, artists and merchants of Greek descent stayed for long periods in local lords’ mansions and educated the population. After the Greek Independence, various important Europeans were coming to the new country to admire its civilization and rich history. Finally, the famous poet Lord Byron visited Athens and stayed as an honored guest in a mansion in Psirri!   acropolis view

Explore Athens

Today, Athens continues to be a center of hospitality. Thousands of travelers each month seek to stay in the city and discover its sights, sounds and culture. They seek to see the Acropolis of Athens, the Ancient Agora and the other ancient monuments. In addition, they want to explore the modern side of Athens, taste the food, savor the drinks, enjoy the vivid nightlife. For all those reasons, they seek Athens accommodation with style and comfort, but in walking distance from the major sights. They seek to stay near a Metro station and to have the extensive Athens transportation network at their feet. Also, they seek to be able to come and go every time they choose to. Finally, they want to have access to the Athens airport and the port of Piraeus. Athens accommodation that combines all of the above, will be the best choice for any potential visitor to the city.   Double bed in Ederlezi Athens accommodation

Available Athens accommodation

Athens accommodation can take many forms, like the accommodation in many European and global cities. Flexibility is key to a potential visitor to a city and everyone appreciates having different options to choose from. The historic city, always in the forefront of hospitality, offers the entire spectrum of potential Athens accommodation:

Major hotel chains

Athens is a large world capital and one of the most visited cities on the planet. It is only natural that most international and famed hotel chains have hotels here. Some of them are quite new, but some opened decades ago, becoming landmarks. There are even occasions that the hotel gave its name to an entire area of the center! Usually quite expensive and therefore exclusive, they are places of conferences and other events, with the attendees usually staying there. Business travelers on trips prefer them sometimes, when they need to conduct a series of meetings on site.

Local hotels

Athens is famous for its grand unique hotels, which are not part of a major hotel chain. Sometimes parts of national chains, sometimes individual establishments, they belong to hotelier families for generations. Already established, strong brand names in the internal market, they are mainstays in Athens accommodation. Most times they have no quality difference from a hotel of a major chain, but also no price difference! They sometimes are quite expensive for what they provide to the guest. Because they were some of the oldest hotels in Athens, they are in privileged spots, locations better than others. Also, they have another major downside: Due to the recent economic crisis, essential renovations sometimes got pushed back and that gives them an “old” feeling.

Boutique Hotels

Boutique Hotels took hold of Athens, like they did in most major cities in the world. Athens has been a dream city for boutique hotels! It has some of the most recognizable monuments in the world and a number of large, underused buildings. All those were a great service towards the creation of unique boutique hotels. Moreover, stylish Athens accommodations opened their doors in former mansions, cultural spaces, even workshops. Owners of such buildings added their personal sense of taste and their vision. Architects and decorators brought knowledge. Finally, the end result was a number of unique, high-quality, awarded concepts that captured the essence of Athens and its history.

Short – stay apartments

Athens is now one of the top cities in Europe for short-stay lease, in the context of the sharing economy. Hundreds, if not thousands of home-owners decided to invest in the necessary renovations for their properties. They offered apartments of all shapes and sizes in the best areas of Athens, near Metro stations and major sights. Ultimately, this gave the opportunity to millions of guests each year to discover the city center.

Guesthouses – aparthotels

More youthful in nature and orientation, the guesthouses offer cheap accommodation. Without much comfort and amenities, they are the first choice of groups of younger people.   Athens center narrow street

Areas of Athens accommodation

Most, if not all areas in the city center have Athens accommodation with the desired characteristics. The tourism boom of the last years opened great potential. A new breed of tourism professionals and home-owners alike took already established hospitality enterprises or created brand new! Moreover, areas of Athens that were not that famous, suddenly saw the number of visitors to them rise exponentially.   double bedroom in Ederlezi boutique hotel Athens accommodation   Nearly in every area of Athens you can find Athens accommodation. They include:

Psirri – Monastiraki

The heart of Athens has many options for Athens accommodation. Diverse in its sights, tastes and sounds, it is also diverse in the accommodation it offers. Here one can find short – stay apartments bookable through online platforms, older, established local hotels, famous in their own right. In addition, newly opened premium concept boutique hotels with attention to detail and quality of service. One of the best is Ederlezi Boutique Hotel. Smaller and larger guesthouses with a view to younger, more flexible guests, who are used to cheaper, less comfortable solutions. Psirri is perhaps the best area for an Athens accommodation today. Its location, its rich culture and nightlife and its proximity to all major sights, make it a unique choice!


An area in rapid development, Metaxourgheio is the perfect neighborhood for Athens accommodation. It is a blend of older, yet renovated 4* and 5* hotels and many boutique apartments. A neighborhood that will be the must-stay area for visitors in the coming years. Here, one can find both the Ederlezi Emerald and the Ederlezi Sapphire, in close proximity to each other and only minutes on foot from the Metaxourgheio Metro station!


Syntagma is the most central point of Athens, site of the Greek Parliament and the National Garden. It is the location of older, famous, luxurious and more expensive hotels. Iconic in their own right, they are landmarks and meeting points of Athens, as much as they are Athens accommodations. These hotels are usually the choice of upscale business travelers, but they can accommodate medium – income guests through special offers.

Koukaki – Acropolis

Koukaki is one of the top neighborhoods in Europe for short-stay lease and it consistently features in relative lists. It is perhaps where the short-stay apartment concept rules and every building in the area has at least one. The reason is because Koukaki is so close to the Acropolis of Athens, you can go there on foot! You can find Hotels near Acropolis, other short – stay lease apartments and some elegant boutique hotels, inspired by the simplicity of the classic Athens style. They are however, quite expensive, due to their location, their design and the total investment it took to create them.


The oldest continuously-inhabited neighborhood of Europe, Plaka is picturesque and iconic at the same time! Small paved roads and steps that lead always even higher and eventually “hug” the Acropolis Hill. Small tourist shops, traditional taverns and music halls stand side by side with old churches and mansions. In some parts like Anafiotika, it feels like you are in an island in the Cyclades! The mansions of Plaka, some of them as old as the modern Greek state itself, grace the area. Many of them house high-aesthetics boutique apartments with a great, classic and timeless Athens feel. Furthermore, they have a very special privilege: When you stay in an Athens accommodation in Plaka, you can see the Acropolis from your window!   Sofa, mirror and wooden floor

The Ederlezi Living experience

Whatever type of Athens accommodation you are looking for, the Ederlezi Boutique Apartments and Hotel in Athens city center, will certainly suit your needs. For whatever reason you may visit Athens, business, tourism, sightseeing; whether you are a solo traveler, a couple, a group of friends, a family, or more. Ederlezi Boutique Hotel and Apartments are the ideal Athens accommodation today!