Athens Historical Sites

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Ederlezi Boutique Hotel

Ederlezi Boutique Hotel is near the most important Athens historical sites. It is an upscale boutique hotel that recently opened its doors! It is already one of the best boutique hotels in Athens. Hundreds of guests have the fondest memories of Ederlezi Boutique Hotel. 8 rooms, all unique, all with stylish BoHo decoration and an authentic feel. Families, couples, solo travelers are all welcome in Ederlezi Boutique Hotel! In addition, here they will find superior quality of service and attention to detail! Furthermore, another great characteristic of Ederlezi Boutique Hotel is its proximity to all major Athens historical sites. Finally, its location in Psyri, makes it ideal for all visitors who wish to explore the rich, millennia-old history of Athens!



Ederlezi Zoubourlou Aparthotel

The new addition to the Ederlezi Living family, Ederlezi Zoubourlou aparthotel has the best location you could ever ask for! Right on Psyri sq., the most colorful, vibrant part of Athens, Ederlezi Zoubourlou Aparthotel is close to all historical sites. Above the Zoubourlou pastry shop, it caters to all senses. 4 distinct rooms, all with their own personality await those who wish to explore the historical sites of Athens! Ultimately, a stay here is a unique, unforgettable experience.



Ederlezi Apartments

The Ederlezi apartments lie in the heart of Athens. They are a collection of boutique apartments, renovated and decorated in the BoHo style, similar to Ederlezi Boutique Hotel. Their locations in Psyri and Metaxourgheio, bring them close to all major Athens historical sites. Also, they bring them close to Metro stations, that connect them with the extended Athens transportation network! They have a wide range of amenities and can accommodate every type of guest. Finally, they are some of the best choices for an accommodation in Athens you can possibly have!

Ederlezi Diamond

This 2-bedroom stone house in the heart of Psyri, is very close to Ederlezi Boutique Hotel. It can accommodate 4 people and is ideal for everyone who wishes to explore the historic sites of Athens.Moreover, the Acropolis of Athens, the Ancient Agora, many museums and important sites, are all in walking distance. Finally, Its proximity to the rich nightlife of Athens and its comfort, are two more qualities of Ederlezi Diamond.

Ederlezi Sapphire

This studio in the Metaxourgheio neighborhood is suitable for up to 3 people and has a great privilege. It has an unobstructed view of the Acropolis of Athens. Also, it is literally some steps away from the Metaxourgheio Metro station of the Red Line. From there, the Acropolis itself is only 3 stops away! Ederlezi Sapphire is cozy, beautiful and illuminated, the perfect place in which you will make your memories of Athens!

Ederlezi Emerald

A large, 100 sq. m. apartment in the Metaxourgheio neighborhood, EderlezI Emerald can accommodate up to 8 people! Its living room is practically calling you to gather and plan your excursions to the historic sites of Athens. A group of friends, or a large family will feel at home here, because it is a home! Hence, a home very near the Metaxourgheio Metro station, leading to all important sites of Greece’s ancient capital!


Staying in Ederlezi Living

It is easy to stay in one of our accommodations! Book a stay with us, either by sending us an email at, or give us a call at (+30) 211 1828454. We would be thrilled to accommodate you and give the best possible experience of Athens!


Athens, the historic capital of Greece

Athens is one of the oldest cities of Europe. It is the historic capital of Greece, a city of culture but also modernity. Athens has stood for millennia, being always in the forefront. From the time of Solon and Pericles up until today, Athens passed through eras, that left their marks on it. Athens was the place of many historical events that shaped not only Greece, but Europe as a whole. They affected Western civilization as we know it. So, Athens is full of historical sites. Some are meaningful only to Greeks and to the history of the modern Greek state. But some played host to events of significance for Europe and the world.

An advantage of Athens is that, most of the historical sites are within walking distance of one another. Even if this not the case, they are very close to public transportation. Most of the historical sites are in the Historic Center of Athens. The historic center was the heart of the city during all historical periods and it remains still. It is also the center of commerce and of many museums and public services in modern Athens. A visitor can see a multitude of sites of different historical eras in the same day, from the ancient to the modern. This is possible with a good schedule and with a stay in an accommodation in the city center! That is why the location of a potential accommodation is a very important factor when choosing it.

Athens historical sites – Psyri and Monastiraki

Psyri, Athens and Monastiraki, Athens are neighborhoods synonymous with “historic”. Most major events in the long history of Athens unfolded in or near this area. Ancient but also the current heart of the city, this area has many historical sites to see. Furthermore, Athens historical sites in Psyri & Monastiraki include:

The Ancient Agora

The site of political, commercial and social life of Ancient Athenians. Ancient Agora was where their everyday activities took place. It was where Socrates taught and Pericles met with the people. A large part of the Agora is preserved, with various buildings and samples of ancient public works. Visitors can literally walk in the same roads and have coffee with a view to an ancient building. Finaly, it is one of the most historic sites of Athens, just a few steps from Ederlezi Boutique Hotel!

The Attalos Gallery

The unique property of this building is that is used as a public building, almost uninterrupted for millennia. From the time of the Romans, through Byzantine and Ottoman times all through the modern era. The Attalos Gallery has been a market and a municipal building during the centuries. It was the birthplace of the modern Greek state, since Greeks officially welcome the first King, Otto, here. Also, it was the place of signing of important European treaties.

The Thission Railway station

The first train station of Greece, Thission was the terminal station of the first train of the country, in 1869. It is a great engineering accomplishment, that blends perfectly with its surroundings, keeping the archaeological site around it undisturbed. Concluding, it is still in operation today, it has less traffic in the weekdays, but a significant increase on the weekend.

Various stately manors

Psyri and Monastiraki were the first “upper-scale” neighborhoods of Athens. Many prominent families built here their homes, with some of them serving as embassies and consulates. Furthermore, many of the unique, historic buildings now house museums, small hotels and elegant cafes. Some were sadly demolished, like the manor in which Lord Byron used to stay during his visits. Ultimately, traces of history and majesty are everywhere in Psyri!



Athens historical sites – Acropolis and Plaka

Plaka is “the neighborhood of the Gods” and the reason is simple. It lies at the foot of the Acropolis Hill, and is the oldest continuously-inhabited neighborhood of Europe. A great many historical events took place here. The last stand of the Athenians at the Sack of Athens by Xerxes of Persia. Moreover, the speeches of Pericles and other ancient politicians. Visits by Roman emperors. Fighting against the Ottomans in the Greek War of Independence, by the forces of General Makrygiannis. Finally, even modern events of the 20th century took place here. Moreover, historical sites of Acropolis and Plaka include:

The Acropolis of Athens

One of the most important historical sites in the world, the Acropolis of Athens is a place of visit by millions of tourists every year. Furthermore, it is a symbol not just of Athens and Greece, but of humanity as a whole. The Parthenon, the Erechteion and other buildings are more than iconic. They are the personification of what every human holds dear. In addition, they stand there as a continuation of history and human progress. They watch as millennia go by and will watch for many millennia more!

The theater of Dionysus

This is the place were acting as a craft first came to be. The theater of Dionysus was the site of the first drama and comedy plays in history. Characters like Oedipus, Iphigeneia, Orestes, Electra, classic studies on the human psyche, first came to life on this very stage. Sophocles, Euripides and Aristophanes themselves stood in this theater, directing actors and getting standing ovations. It should be every actor’s ambition to come even once to this place, to feel the vibes of the craft.

The Lysicrates Monument

The only intact sponsor’s monument from ancient times, the Lysicrates Monument is unique. Ancient theater plays had sponsors and when the plays gained awards, the sponsor had the right to commemorate it! So, they built monuments like that. Apart from being a timeless symbol of Athens, it is a symbol of the arts and how theater evolved. Its endurance is a perfect metaphor for the endurance of art in general!

Anargyroi Greek Orthodox Church

This Greek Orthodox church with the stone courtyard looks like most other churches in Athens. But it is special in a distinct way. It is the first place in the world that receives the Holy Light every Orthodox Easter. Right after the special plane flies it from Jerusalem, the Holy Light comes here and pilgrims take it home. Ultimately, it is a moment of great spiritual significance for all Greeks and Orthodox Christians in general.

The Athens University History Museum

This beautiful building in Plaka holds the distinction of being the first seat of the University of Athens. King Otto founded here the oldest University of Eastern Europe. This mansion now holds many artifacts and memorabilia of the University’s history. Its impressive exterior and garden are many times used as scenery for filming period dramas of Greek TV & cinema.



Athens historical sites – Syntagma and around

Syntagma is the most central part of Athens. The Syntagma sq. is home to the impressive building of the Greek Parliament, numerous high-end hotels and services. Thousands of tourists and Athenians traverse it every day, as it is a hub of activity. There are numerous historic sites in and around this area.

The Monument of the Unknown Soldier

This monument is a tribute to Greeks who gave their lives for freedom over the millennia. Moreover, this practice is ancient, from the time of Pericles. Guarding the monument round the clock is the Presidential Guard (the “Evzones”). Every hour the “Evzones” perform the Changing of the Guard, a small ceremony of precise moves. Also, during this time, Athenians and tourists alike stand watch, paying tribute to the honored dead.

Syntagma Sq.

The word Syntagma means Constitution in Greek. Constitution sq. is where the people of Athens gathered in September 1843, asking young King Otto for a constitutional monarchy. The result was the most liberal as of that point Constitution of Europe, a milestone in the continent’s political history. Also, it inspired the people of Europe to claim more freedoms from their royalty. Syntagma sq. is a place of great significance to Europe as a whole and to the idea of liberal democracy.

The Athenian Fortification:

Right across the street from Syntagma Square stands a largely intact part of the ancient fortification of Athens. Blending in at the foot of a modern building, Athenians are used to it. But for visitors, it is a great testament to the glory of Athens that defeated the Persian invasion.

Pillars of Olympian Zeus – Hadrian’s Gate:

Monuments of the Roman period of Athens, they are testaments to Athens’ endurance. Athens was an important city during Roman times also and their presence remains. Impressive, as most Roman buildings and ruins throughout Europe, they attract not only tourists, but also locals in their walks. At the foot of the PillarsPillars stands one of the most beautiful Orthodox churches, the Church of Ag. Fotini. Also, this quiet place seems almost like being a village church in the heart of a bustling city.

The Panathenaic Stadium:

This marble stadium is unique in the history of world sports. Furthermore, it is the place in which the first modern Olympic Games took place in 1896. It is here that the Olympic Movement begun! A “sacred” place for every professional and amateur athlete, the Stadium is of one of those sites with special “aura”. In a very close proximity to it, lies Agras str. with the house where the Nobel Laureate poet Seferis lived.



Athens historical sites – Metaxourgheio & Kerameikos

Metaxourgheio and Kerameikos are neighborhoods in the heart of Athens, historic in their own rights. Furthermore, Metaxourgheio was a center of industry during the 20th century, as well as a residential area for the middle class. Kerameikos is an ancient neighborhood. The historian Thucydides mentions in his writings that Kerameikos was the graveyard of Athenians who died honorably in battle. Historical sites in Metaxourgheio and Kerameikos include:

The Monument of the Fallen of the Hellenic Air Force

Right on Karaiskaki (Metaxourgheio) sq., this monument commemorates the members of the Hellenic Air Force. Its stylized depiction of Icarus is iconic in its own right and the monument features in postcards. The monument is visible both from Ederlezi Sapphire and Ederlezi Emerald apartments.

The Larissa Railway station

The central station of the Greek National Railway network, the Larissa station is a monument of industrial design. One of the gates of Athens, it was the first impression of the city for many Greeks of the countryside. Immortalized in classic Greek movies of the 20th century, it is the archetypal railway station in the Greek subconscious.

The Technopolis of Gazi

The Technopolis was once the site of the factory that provided electricity to the entire city, burning natural gas. Now, it is the municipal concert and events space of Athens, where hundreds of festivals and events take place. Ultimately, modern lighting displays highlight the metallic details of industrial architecture and are visible from afar.



The Ederlezi Experience

Ederlezi Boutique Hotel, Ederlezi Zoubourlou Aparthotel and the Ederlezi Apartments all offer the Ederlezi Experience. Superb hospitality, attention to detail, quality of service, unparalleled comfort and style. They are near all the Athens historic sites and they ideal places for those who wish to explore them! With a stay at any of the Ederlezi accommodations, guests are always close to the historic sites. Finally, they are close to the history of Athens itself!