Athens hotels near Acropolis

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Ederlezi – Hotels near Acropolis

One of the newest and best Athens hotels near Acropolis is Ederlezi Boutique Hotel. Located in the vibrant Psirri neighborhood, Edelrezi Boutique Hotel is a superior choice for all visitors to Athens. For travelers who want to stay in a hotel near the Acropolis, but also close to all other major archaeological sites. Also, for those who want to be in an upbeat area, full of nightlife spots. For those who just wish to relax with a glass of wine in a beautiful roof garden in Athens. In addition for visitors who want to experience the famed BoHo style of design and decoration. Ultimately, for those who cherish boutique hotels and their distinctiveness and those who want to combine all the above experiences!

For all those visitors to Athens, Ederlezi Athens hotel near Acropolis is a valuable option. It combines incredible location, style, quality of service, attention to detail. Ederlezi has 8 uniquely-decorated rooms, following the tenets of the BoHo style. Its roof garden, with a view of the Psirri area is poised to be talk-of-the town very soon. The proximity to the Monastiraki Metro station brings it close to the Athens Airport and all major attractions and sights. Its proximity to the Thissio Railway station brings it close to the port of Piraeus, the Greek islands and the Athens Riviera. With its extensions, the Ederlezi Boutique Apartments, give at even more guests the opportunity to explore its style. Concluding, Ederlezi Diamond in particular is so close to the hotel in the Psirri area that we consider it a detached room of the hotel! It just so happens to be closeby!





To stay in Athens hotels near Acropolis, has a number of advantages for the guest:

  • When you see the Acropolis, you know you are in Athens! It is the “trademark” monument of the city. Instantly recognizable, it conveys the Athenian feeling!
  • You can walk to the Acropolis! Nothing is compared to a morning or evening walk to the ancient monument. You can walk through Plaka, the “neighborhood of the Gods”, as it is called, with its neoclassical mansions of old Greek families and traditional Greek taverns. Also, you can walk in Dionysiou Areopagitou promenade, considered by travel magazines to be one of the most beautiful on Earth. In additition, you can walk up the hill, following the route of the ancient Panathenaic processions! Finaly, you can discover all the hidden details. Walking towards the Acropolis should be one of the Top-10 experiences anyone should have in their lives.

More Pros

  • Most of the hotels near the Acropolis are entirely new or renovated, with style and substance. The unique decorations, colors, concepts, not to mention the Acropolis itself, make for interesting photos and posts. One of the modern traveler’s needs is to take beautiful photographs for his/her friends at home. A stay in a hotel near the Acropolis (and a touch of creativity!) is all you need for the perfect Instagram feed!
  • You are near all other interesting monuments and points of interest. Most well-known points are in close proximity in the center of Athens. A stay in a hotel near Acropolis means you are literally minutes away from the most exciting of them.
  • Many of the best restaurants, cafes, brunch shops and bakeries are in the center of Athens. With a stay in an Athens hotel near Acropolis, guests are also very close to all those shops and tasting experiences.

Even more

  • There are many shopping options in Athens. Clothing, cosmetics, books, souvenirs & popular art. Foodstuff and wines. Antiques shops and art shops. Most of them congregate in the same areas under the Acropolis. Furthermore. with a stay at Athens hotels near Acropolis, guests are close to them also.
  • You can eat delicious food and savor the best wine and beverages with the Acropolis in sight. Many beautiful terraces and roof gardens adorn the neighborhoods near the Acropolis. Most are on top of Athens hotels. Some are famous and awarded bars and restaurants in their own right. They are gathering places of Athenians and tourists alike. Also, many of them feature on the lists of Top-10 places to go in every tourist publication. For visitors to Athens, a morning or afternoon session in a roof garden or bar near the Acropolis is a must!

Areas for hotels near Acropolis

Acropolis was the focal point of much of Athens history, so the city grew progressively at the roots of the Acropolis hill. That means that the oldest neighborhoods of Athens are under the shadow of the great monument. Areas where Athens hotels near Acropolis can be located are:


The oldest continuously inhabited neighborhood of Europe, from antiquity up to today. Moreover, Plaka is the closest area to the Acropolis, sprawling around the Acropolis hill. It has a number of mansions that became boutique hotels near Plaka, though its status as a protected area means they are few. Picturesque steps crisscross the area and the constant flow of natives and tourists give it a unique feel. A cross between an urban and an island setting, Plaka most certainly stays in memory.

Monastiraki – Psirri

The vibrant heart of Athens and the most colorful of places in the city. Psirri Athens flourished in recent years and many renovated buildings became stylish, award-winning boutique hotels and apartments. Guests mostly use online platforms to book them, or opt for the traditional way. Moreover, the accommodation choices about Athens hotels near Acropolis here are the best options available to a prospective guest. That is due to their proximity not just to the Acropolis, but to all monuments and sights of interest. Ancient or modern, monument or amenity, better or lesser known, the most important sights are very close. Through walking, bike, Metro or bus, all are minutes away. Furthermore, this is the place of Ederlezi Boutique Hotel, the newest, most hip hotel in the heart of Athens, in walking distance from the Acropolis. This is also the place of Ederlezi Diamond apartment, in walking distance from Monastiraki sq.

Syntagma Sq

The most central square of Athens, Syntagma (“Constitution”) Square, has an array of hotels. Upscale, expensive and well-known hotels, members of international brands, share the area with medium-priced and cheaper hotels. Moreover, the two common traits of these hotels are their accessibility with public transport and the view of the Acropolis. Located in older, taller buildings, most of those hotels have incredible views to the Acropolis from their roof bars, some of them famed and accordingly expensive. Not just open to the guests of the respective hotels, but to everyone, the roof bars are meeting points for Athenians and visitors alike. Places that businesspeople make deals, lovers begin or end romantic relationships and all create memories. The best places to have a selfie, or just a photo of the Acropolis your friends will love.

Koukaki – Syngrou Av.

One of the most famous neighborhoods of Europe by now, Koukaki has many options for staying. Many of the renovated small buildings of the area now house boutique hotels and some short-stay or long-stay apartments. Some older, well-known even historic hotels are here also. The presence of two Metro stations, as well as newer attractions turns this urban area into a hotspot of nightlife. Unique bars and cafes await you here. Well-known Greek food restaurants and “souvlaki” parlors serve diverse varieties of Greek food, with new and unique recipes. The owners of boutique hotels here tend to own bars and even taverns as well.


Though not in walking distance of the Acropolis, Petralona is a neighborhood that has access to the Acropolis hill. Furthermore, is it an historic urban area, a quiet place of families, small squares and little shops. It is close to the actual center of Athens, while having the feel and the sights of a suburb. Athens hotels in Petralona are established and older, not recently renovated. Their greatest advantage however is the mostly family atmosphere of the area. Petralona is the quintessential Greek family neighborhood.

The significance of the Acropolis

The Acropolis is more than just an ancient monument. It is more than just the symbol of a city, Athens, or a country, Greece. Acropolis is even more than a place that features in countless photographs, artwork and items. It is a symbol of Western civilization. A symbol of democracy, philosophy, literature, history, mythology, theater, sculpture. It is a symbol of everything Greece offered to the world.

One of the most recognizable ancient monuments in the world, along with the Pyramids and the Colosseum. The Acropolis stands for more than 2000 years in the same place. Magnificent yet familiar, most Greeks do not notice it anymore. Whatever happens, it has always been there and always will be! But tourists and visitors of Athens do. They come from over the world to marvel at it, to take photographs of it, to feel the ancient vibes!

There is a great difference of the Acropolis to the aforementioned monuments. The Pyramids are symbols of after death apotheosis of the absolute divine rulers. The Colosseum is symbol of death and cruel entertainment. But the Acropolis is a symbol of life, of piety wisdom and culture.

The new wave of Athens hotels near Acropolis

The Acropolis always was a focal point of Athenian life. Athenians of old, right after the Greek Independence, built houses on the foot of the Acropolis hill. Many non-Greeks who settled in Athens built exquisite mansions with views to the Acropolis. A mansion with an Acropolis view was a privilege a few could afford, although small middle-class homes in neighborhoods like Plaka and Psirri were commonplace during the first century of the Greek state!

Likewise, the existing hotels in the adjacent neighborhoods of Plaka, Monastiraki, Psirri, Thission etc had excellent views of the monument. Furthermore, they were so close to it that gave their guests the privilege to be in a walking distance of the Acropolis. As Greek tourism boomed and new hotels opened, to be near the Acropolis or have rooms and roof gardens with an Acropolis view was essential.

During the last years, tourism in Athens is blossoming once again after the crisis. Millions of tourists and conference participants flood the city. They all want a glimpse, a photograph, a memory of the Acropolis, of which they so much about. To satisfy this demand, new hotels open constantly. Owners of once abandoned buildings radically renovate and transform them to satisfy the needs of today. Former hotels who fell into disuse, restored to their former glory, ready to welcome travelers once more! Architecturally distinct mansions, industrial buildings and even office buildings became the place of classy boutique hotels.

Moreover, entrepreneurial minds sought out opportunities. The opportunities arose in incredibly beautiful locations inside the historic center of Athens. Nearly forgotten neoclassical mansions, old workshops, former shops and residences were the perfect sceneries for new hotels in Athens city center. And just like that, after meticulous planning and labor, many new concept-designed hotels opened their doors!


A sight of the Acropolis

The Acropolis is an ancient symbol of Athens, of Greece itself. Visitors to the capital of Greece have the privilege to be able to stay in hotels near this beacon of the ancient spirit. At their disposal, they have many unique choices, which promise an experience like nothing a guest has seen. It is truly the experience of a lifetime to stay in a hotel near the Acropolis! The sight of the ancient monument, the aura its magnificence. The principles it represents. The feeling that you have come from afar to glimpse it and now you are able to reach it by foot! The light of the Acropolis is stunning. Its presence exhilarating. And all that can be experienced in full with a stay in a hotel near the Acropolis! How can you not treat yourself to this?