Best Museums in Athens

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Best Museums in Athens, Greece

As befits a city of such history, the city centre is filled with the best museums in Athens. They cover all of its historical periods and the influences it had over the millennia. There also exist specialized museums, for certain aspects of life and particular arts. Most contain vast collections of artifacts, documents and historical memorabilia, which the archaeologists and historians curate and study diligently. When a city has such a large number of museums and cultural spaces, it is easy for a local, or a visitor to get confused.

It is almost certain that it will be difficult to visit all or most of them. But Athens is not a city you can visit once, or twice! Each time someone comes, they discover something new, something more! We compiled a list of the best museums in Athens to help potential visitors find the museums they like most. All are worth visiting if you have time, because they present different aspects of Athens and Greece in general. It is up to you to discover your favorite museum. The one that will give you the best memory, will spark your imagination, or will make you go “wow”!



Best museums in the historic capital of Greece

Athens is a city with over 3000 years of history. Founded in the Archaic times, Athens was the center of political and military power of the Greek world for centuries. It was the protagonist of the Classical Era, a city that created the ideas of Democracy and Political Participation. Furthermore, It was the city of Socrates and Plato, of Solon and Pericles. It was a center of art, with Praxiteles and other famous artists of the time.

Athenians defeated the Persian Invasion and became the dominant power of the Eastern Mediterranean, until dethroned by Sparta. Even at Hellenistic and Roman times, Athens was somewhat prominent and received many visitors. Athens played a less important role in the Byzantine and Ottoman times, but those two eras still left their marks. In the Greek War of Independence, great heroes like Karaiskakis and Makrygiannis fought to liberate the city.

After Greek Independence, Athens became the capital of the Greek state (though Nauplion was capital for a sort while). It was the site of most historic events of the 19th and 20th centuries. Artists, thinkers, writers, politicians, industrialists, men and women of prominence called Athens home.



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The best Museums in Athens

These are the best museums in Athens:

The Acropolis Museum

One of the best museums in the world, according to all experts. The Acropolis Museum houses findings from the Acropolis of Athens and the surrounding area of Plaka. It is the home of all but one of the Caryatids, the famous female statues. The Acropolis Museum is also the site of numerous high-profile conferences and cultural events throughout the year. Website: The acropolis museum

National Archaeological Museum

The National Archaeological Museum of Athens has the greatest collection of Greek antiquities in the world! It is housed in a magnificent building, built during the first years of the Greek state. Its collections trace the evolution of Greek civilization and the civilizations that flourished in the area that is now Greece. Masterpieces of Greek sculpture stand side by side with everyday objects. It also has a beautiful garden for its visitors to relax. Website: National Archaeological Museum

Benaki Museum of Greek Culture

This very central neoclassical mansion opposite the Greek Parliament holds Greek culture in a nutshell. A collection of objects from different time periods, starting from the earliest Cycladic civilizations, guide the visitor trough Greek history. The Benaki is famous for its numerous events and lectures and it is also a meeting point of Athenians. It has a forward-thinking gift shop, with a great number of books, reproductions and presents. Website: Benaki Museum

Athens Numismatic Museum

The Numismatic Museum lies in the heart of Athens. Its building is the magnificent “Mansion of Ilion”, the house of famed German archaeologist Schliemann, who excavated Mycenae and Troy. It has a great collection of coins from all over the Hellenic world and the Eastern Mediterranean. Apart from that, its garden is a place of serenity, particularly in the summer and spring months. The garden of the Numismatic Museum is a place of a small, but influential jazz festival! Website: Numismatic Museum

Museum of the Ancient Agora

The Attalos Gallery holds the Museum of the Ancient Agora. The Ancient Agora was the political, social and economic center of ancient Athens. Serving as a marketplace and a place of discussion, the space of the Ancient Agora gave archaeologists many important artifacts of everyday life. This museum is the best place to discover the daily lives of the Athenians. Moreover, it is very close on foot from Ederlezi Boutique Hotel! If you are interested not just in the grand historical events, but also everyday objects and their personal histories, this is the museum for you! Website: Museum of Ancient Agora



More of the best museums in Athens

Athens University History Museum

In the heart of Plaka, this museum keeps the history of the University of Athens alive. Through documents, memorabilia and other collectibles, the visitor is acquainted with the evolution of the oldest university of Eastern Europe. The majestic building was once the first seat of the university during its fledgling days and a private residence. Its garden and exterior are iconic! They feature prominently in Greek TV series and movies, when the plot requires the appearance of a lordly manor! Website: Athens University history museum

National Museum of History

The Old Parliament building holds the National Museum of History. Hundreds of historical documents, objects, portraits of great individuals remind of the current history of Greece as an independent state. In front of the museum, the visitor can find the statue of the great general Kolokotronis on a horse. It is considered the symbol of Greek Independence and a landmark of Athens. It famously bears the inscription “Go forth, brave general, teaching the world how slaves become free”. Website: National Museum of History

Benaki Museum of Islamic Art

Holding the signs of Islamic presence in Greece, the Museum of Islamic Art is a key to understanding the past. Beautiful artifacts form a comprehensive collection, while its murals of Islamic calligraphy are part art and part literature. The Museum of Islamic Art holds one of the best museum cafes in Athens. And the even better part: it is so near the Ederlezi Boutique Hotel! Only a handful of meters stand between you and this incredible place! Website: Benaki Museum

Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Technology

This museum is one-of-a-kind! It holds working replicas of mechanical and proto-automation inventions of the ancient Greeks. Ancient mechanics of the Hellenistic and Roman times experimented with cogs, wheels, water mills and even steam. Here you will learn all information about machinery that could very well be from a novel, if they weren’t true and operational! It is a museum that no visitor to Athens can miss! Website: Kotsanas Museum

Museum of Modern Art “Basil & Elise Goulandris”

The newest museum of Athens, in the area of Pangrati. It was built to house the private collection of modern art of the shipping magnate Goulandris family. The collection consists of authentic masterpieces from the greatest painters of the 20th century, of many movements and expressions. The museum is poised to become one of best of its kind in Europe. Website: Goulandris Museum



Even more of the best museums in Athens

Byzantine & Christian Museum

The Byzantine and Christian heritage shaped modern Greece. Greeks are proud of the achievements of the Byzantines and of their Christian element. Thus, this museum houses a collection of religious and secular art and objects from the Byzantine Era. It also keeps priceless artifacts of faith and its academic publications on their fields of study are monumental worldwide. Website: Byzantine & Christian Museum

War Museum

Greeks always fought for their freedom and the War Museum is here to prove it. Holding weapons, arms uniforms, flags, both Greek and enemy alike, it is a comprehensive trip through Greek military history. Its courtyard has a collection of non-functional fighter jets and anti-aircraft weaponry. The most impressive feature however is the display of emblems of all divisions and commands of the Hellenic Armed Forces. Website: War Museum

Athens Pinball Museum

A unique museum in Plaka. The Athens Pinball Museum hosts many functional pinball machines and most, if not all of them are playable! Most of the adult Greeks grew up playing with the impressive pinball machines and this museum does them justice! Website: Pinball Museum

Museum of Illusions

The Museum of Illusions is a magical place. Here, you can never be certain of what is real and what is not! It is one of the most Instagrammable places of Athens, with many opportunities to take mesmerizing shots! Do you want to know the best part of it? The Museum of Illusions is just a few meters from Ederlezi Boutique Hotel and the Ederlezi Diamond! The magical experience of staying with us is complimented perfectly by a magical visit here! Website: Museum of Illusions



The Ederlezi Experience

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