bohemian vibe

Join our fest, feel the Bohemian vibes, get to know us and your true self

Live as you’ve meant to be living, in Ederlezi Hotel and apartments!


In the artistic and vibrant Psirri neighbourhood of Athens resides a gypsy fest the likes of which you have never seen. Ederlezi Hotel is the epitome of the BoHo style of design and its style follows the rich traditions of Bohemianism – the outlook and lifestyle of artists, writers and intellectuals that changed our world. Earthly tones, natural elements of beech wood, stone, straw objects and the eternal Athenian sunlight conspire to bring you calmness, peace of mind and the sense of renewal you seek.

Here, everything is the way you want it to be!

The 8 unique rooms provide you with comfort, relaxation and the connection with nature you so desire, while each represents some of the main attributes of the Bohemian spirit. 8 personalities reflected in the rooms’ design: Luna | Jasmine | Carmen |OliviaAllegra | Maira | Flora | Smaragda

The restaurant, the wine cellar and the roof garden give you a wide assortment of tasting choices in food and Greek wines & spirits, with traditional, organic and even some vegan elements.

Outside, the city of Athens opens itself to you, ancient and modern at the same time. Monastiraki, Plaka, Thissio, districts as old as western civilization itself, full of colour, gravity and splendour, places that still echo the footsteps of the great men & women who walked there, are yours to explore. The Acropolis lies near, calm but imposing, still as it has been for thousands of years and bathing the world with its light. The “Thissio” and “Monastiraki” Athens Metro stations closeby, connecting you to the whole of Athens, from the airport to the sea.

Your journey of exploration starts at our fest, but ends inside you!



Rebel against what keeps you behind


Find what can’t be done and do it


Live every moment, love every moment you live


Go your own way, take your friends with you


Care about today, let tomorrow be


Always be ready for the next adventure


Make nature your home and your home like nature


Open your mind, see clearly


Find the perfect apartment to LIVE during your stay in Greece.