Places to visit in Athens

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Ederlezi Boutique Hotel & Apartments

Ederlezi Boutique Hotel & Apartments are near the best places to visit in Athens. It is a collection of stylish rental properties, with unique amenities and comfort. Their attention to detail and quality of service guarantee that they satisfy every traveler’s needs. They are ideal for couples, families, groups of friends and even solo business travelers. All who wish to stay in the center and discover places to visit in Athens, are welcome! We could say that the Ederlezi Boutique Hotel & Apartments are some of the places to visit in Athens. Ederlezi Hotel especially is a landmark of Psirri on its own! 8 rooms, each with its own unique decoration and features, await the guest. Ederlezi Boutique Hotel follows the tenets of the BoHo style and philosophy, as it incorporates natural materials, wood and stone. Ederlezi Boutique Hotel opened its doors in May 2019. It has already become one of the favorite boutique hotels in the center of Athens! A great plus of the Ederlezi Boutique Hotel is its roof garden, accessible only to guests of the hotel. Our roof garden is the place for calmness and relaxation, between excursions in Athens.  

Modern Athens

Athens is the capital of Greece. It is a modern metropolis of millions. Ancient Athens was one of the most famous cities in history. It was the source of concepts like democracy, free speech, political philosophy and more. Modern Athens is a vibrant city, an amalgamation of business, culture, interesting spots, nightlife, places to eat and drink. It also has so many small undiscovered corners that there is literally something for anyone to visit and explore. Modern Athens will amaze the visitor! Sometimes, you literally have the opportunity to discover something no one else has noticed. What a feeling!  

Places to visit in Athens

Athens has a lot to see. Even this could be an understatement, as there’s literally something to see in every single corner of the city. From the Historic Center, in the location where the ancient city flourished, to modern sites of incredible architecture. From the mountains and forests surrounding the Attica plateau, to the sea in the south suburbs. A visitor can literally spend days in Athens and never get to see all the best places to visit in Athens. The difference of Athens from many other world capitals has to do with its evolution. Athens is continuously-inhabited for nearly 3000 years. It was both the protagonist of the Classical Era and the capital of the modern Greek state. All the historical eras left their mark on the city. Athens today has evolved through history to combine incredible ancient attractions with Byzantine holy sites, Ottoman structures & neoclassical buildings. On top of that, newly constructed infrastructure points and land reuses, are places to visit in Athens on their own. So, a visitor has the potential to discover all eras of Athenian history side by side. Accounts of the places to visit in Athens can never be complete, because in every corner you can find something new!  

Places to visit in Athens – Psirri Monastiraki

Psirri and Monastiraki are the heart of Athens, some of the most central areas of the city. They are a walking distance from many interesting places to visit in Athens. Places to visit in Psirri and Monastiraki include:

  • Ederlezi’s Roof garden: With many different varieties of Greek plants and a beautiful shade, wooden garden furnishings and hammocks. If it sounds like a paradise, it’s because it is! Ederlezi Boutique Hotel’s roof garden awaits you to relax, read your favorite book, drink your wine or coffee. It is reserved only for the guests of our Boutique Hotel! A private Greek garden in the heart of Athens!
  • The thematic pastry shops: Psirri is famous for its thematic pastry shops. They change decoration every 3 months, but always keep their playful mood. They are places to taste intricate delicacies, but also to post on Instagram!
  • The Ancient Agora and the Attalos Gallery: The center of life in Ancient Athens, the Agora was the place of commerce, worship and socialization for the Athenians. Many of its monuments are still intact. The visitor can walk at the exact same spots that Socrates taught and Pericles communicated with people. Adjacent to the Agora, the Attalos Gallery Is perfectly preserved. It houses the Museum of the Ancient Agora, but is also the place of signing of various European Union Treaties. A public building in use for millennia, perhaps it is one-of-a-kind globally!
  • The Antique Shops of Monastiraki and Psirri: Legal antique shops with passionate and knowledgeable owners are the pride of the area! For over a century, Monastiraki & Psirri are the hotbed of antique shops. They have excellent fame among those who seek vintage collectibles. With a little research and the guidance on an expert, great treasures await!

Places to visit in Athens – Plaka

Plaka is one of the oldest neighborhoods of Europe. Its position around the Acropolis Hill gives it a special status from antiquity until today. It was the first “upscale” district of Athens after Greek independence and this give the place a majestic feel, but homely at the same time. Places to visit in Plaka include:

  • The Acropolis of Athens: One of the most famous monuments in the world and the symbol of all the contributions Greece made to Western culture. Thousands visit the Acropolis every day and are amazed by the innate light of the monument. Seeing the Acropolis even once is the experience of a lifetime.
  • The New Acropolis Museum: The Acropolis Museum houses major findings of the Acropolis Hill and the area. It is also home to all but one of the Caryatids, the famous female statues. Furthermore, its awarded modern architecture blends perfectly with its surroundings. Lying atop of preserved excavations, the museum is a perfect metaphor of modern Greece, as the Old supports the New.
  • The Odeon of Herod Atticus: One of the best open auditoriums in the world, the Herodion houses world-class artistic events. The greatest artists of the 20th century have performed here, from Maria Callas to the Scorpions. Athenians flock to it every spring and summer and it is also open as a tourist sight the days there’s no performance.
  • The University of Athens History Museum: One of the first mansions built after the Greek Independence and the first seat of the University of Athens. This stunning building has been a personal residence until it became the museum of History of the University. It houses a collection of historic documents. Its garden and exterior have appeared in many Greek movies and TV shows when the plot requires a lord’s house.

Places to visit in Athens – Syntagma

Syntagma is the most central area of Athens. It is the location of the Greek Parliament and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Most government buildings and embassies lie near this area. It is a transportation hub and the spot of historic, luxurious but expensive hotels. Thousands of people traverse Syntagma every day, both locals and visitors. There are so many places to visit in Syntagma including:

  • The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier: A monument holy to Greeks everywhere, it is where Greece honors its dead warriors throughout the millennia. The Presidential Guard (the “Evzones”) stand watch over the place and perform the Change of the Guard every hour. It is a ceremony built on precise moves that crowds gather to watch, with respect and awe!
  • The National Gardens and Zappeion Gardens: Originally the gardens of the Palace of King Otto, the National Garden is an oasis in the heart of Athens. Pathways lead to open spaces and flower beds, with a diverse array of flowers and plants. The iconic coconut trees seem exotic and mark the entrance to the garden. Small ponds offer relaxation keep the temperature cool, even during heatwaves. The adjoining Zappeion Garden is filled with unique statues of abstract concepts and national benefactors, as well as the iconic fountain at the entrance of the Zappeion Conference Center. The National Garden closes its gates at sundown, but the Zappeion Garden is stunning under the illumination!
  • The Panathenaic Stadium: The site of the first modern Olympic Games in 1896, the Panathenaic Stadium is unique in sports history. The absolute place to visit if you are a professional or amateur athlete, you can literally feel its energy. A place like that should always be in your list of things to visit in Athens.

Places to visit in Athens – Northern Suburbs

The northern suburbs of Athens are mainly upscale residential areas, with large parks and shopping centers. They are home to modern office buildings, but also beautiful private residences. They are the go-to place for business, shopping and recreation of all Athenians. Places to visit in the northern suburbs of Athens include:

  • The Park of Kifissia: Home of the great Annual Flower Exhibition, this park is a space for families, couples and friends to have a walk or a picnic. At the heart of the Northern Suburbs and right outside the terminal station of the Railway, it is easily accessible. During the exhibition, the park becomes a riot of color and smells, with hundreds of people admiring. It is also beautiful during Christmas time, when the municipality creates beautiful ornaments with a Christmas touch!
  • The great shopping malls: The Northern Suburbs are the place of some of the best shopping malls of Athens and Europe as a whole. Winners of international awards for design and architecture, the shopping malls of Athens are not just that. Fashion and appliance stores, restaurants, cafes, multiplex cinemas and entertainment spaces, beauty parlors, lounges, even supermarkets cater to all. They are the perfect places for a full day of family entertainment. They’re also the best places to visit if you want to observe Athenians of all classes and ages.

Places to visit in Athens – Southern Suburbs

The southern suburbs of Athens constitute the Athenian Riviera. It is the area of main Athens conurbation that is closest to the sea and it extends for kilometers. Along the seafront, marinas, high-class food and drink parlors, stylish and luxurious hotels, blend with each other. Places to visit in the southern suburbs of Athens include:

  • The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center: Since its opening, two years ago, the SNFCC has become the premiere cultural center of Athens. It is home to the National Library of Greece, the Greek National Opera and assorted other services. A favorite spot of all Athenians for a walk, it is where hundreds of cultural events take place each year. Its futuristic architecture and international status make it a landmark and one of the places to visit in Athens!
  • The Marinas: The Athens Riviera is home to several marinas. Greece, as a nation of seafarers, has a great tradition in all form of sea travel. So, besides the international mega yachts, many smaller crafts of private and commercial use, dock at one of them. Some are up for rent, complete with an experienced captain and crew, ready for your excursions to the Greek Islands!
  • The seafront restaurants and bars: With large spaces that open to the sea at summer, seafront establishments attract thousands of Athenians and tourists alike. Superior quality of service, stylish environments and unique food & drink options. Live music and special events. Famous Greeks sitting at the next table. An evening of enjoyment in a place like this is the perfect way to relax and talk, with sea view!

The best places to visit in Athens

The best places to visit in Athens are those that you, the visitor deem as the best! Each person is different in their tastes and preferences. Moreover, someone may find interesting and noteworthy a place or a spot that no one else will even notice. Attractions that millions admire may say nothing to a particular individual. Fortunately, Athens is a city that has at least one spot for every single visitor! There is no chance you would not find a location or a sight that you won’t remember fondly. There is no chance you would not find a spot that will make you want to return to Athens! Don’t forget that you are the one who determines the best places to visit in Athens!

The Ederlezi Experience

Ederlezi Boutique Hotel and the Ederlezi Boutique Apartments are an experience on their own. Their locations in Psirri and Metaxourgheio make them ideal for someone who searches for the best places to visit in Athens. Furthermore, their comfort and style are unique for those who wish to have a rest before or after an exploration. With a stay at the Ederlezi Boutique Hotel or the Ederlezi Apartments, Athens opens itself to the visitor. Everything is near, by foot or by use of the nearby metro and the extensive Athens transportation system. Book a stay with Ederlezi, one of the best hotels in the city center and discover Athens! You can book one of our rooms directly from our website. You can reach us at or give us a call at (+30) 211 1828454. Come and find out the best places to visit in Athens. We would be happy to show you!