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Ederlezi – Rent apartment in Athens

Want to rent apartment in Athens? The Ederlezi Apartments are the best you can find in the city center. Available for short-term lease, they are ideal for any and all travelers to the capital of Greece. Whether you are tourists or business travelers. Are you a couple who travels to explore the world together? Maybe, you are on family vacation, or visiting relatives? A group of friends who wants to have beautiful memories in Athens? Then the Ederlezi Apartments suit your needs perfectly!

The Ederlezi Apartments are in the heart of Athens, in the Psirri and Metaxourgheio neighborhoods. They are very recently renovated and follow the BoHo style of design and the concept of stylish simplicity. Their full amenities and equipment ensure the pleasant and comfortable stay of the guests.

Book a stay in one of the Ederlezi Apartments today! Directly through our website, send us an email to, or give us a call at (+30) 2111 1828454. We will be glad to host you!



Ederlezi Diamond – Rent apartment in Athens

A 2-bedroom stone house in the area of Psirri, Ederlezi Diamond is certainly among the best rent apartments in Athens. Furthermore, Ederlezi Diamond can house up to 4 people. Guests love it for its incredible location, its full range of amenities, its feeling of relaxation. Ederlezi Diamond is a walking distance from the Acropolis of Athens, the ancient Agora and all other major sights.

It is literally minutes walking from the famed Monastiraki sq, and the Metro station that leads directly to the airport. Around it you can find the best nightlife spots of Athens, as well as excellent brunch spots, restaurants, cafes etc. Moreover, inside it there is a washer-dryer machine, a fully-equipped kitchen and comfortable beds. Finally, its patio is the perfect place for a morning coffee or an evening wine! It truly is the perfect rent apartment in Athens.



Ederlezi Emerald – Rent apartment in Athens

A 3-bedroom luxury apartment for up to 8 people, Ederlezi Emerald is in Metaxourgheio, an up-and-coming, central neighborhood. Able to house a large family or a group of friends, Ederlezi Emerald is the best choice for this type of traveler. Even a group of business travelers can enjoy it! The Wi-Fi is strong and the large table in the living room Is perfect for working in teams!

Also, a family can really feel like home in Ederlezi Emerald. A fully-equipped kitchen and a washer-dryer machine make a longer stay possible. Even groups of students who came to Athens for summer schools and professionals in limited-time assignments can call it home! Ultimately, Ederlezi Emerald is open to all who wish to have a great experience in Athens.



Ederlezi Sapphire – Rent apartment in Athens

This cozy studio in Metaxourgheio is the ideal location for a couple who came to Athens to have lifetime memories. It is just 1 min away from the Metaxourgheio Metro station, that connects it to the entire Athens transportation network. Moreover, it is fully equipped for an incredible stay, with a comfortable double bed, all necessary amenities and a ceramic stove!

But this top-floor apartment has a special feature that really sets it apart. Ederlezi Sapphire has a real, unobstructed Acropolis view! From its windows and its balcony with the beech wood railing, the guests can enjoy this breathtaking view! It is a rare privilege that few rent apartments in Athens have.



The rent apartment in Athens scene

Athens is a modern city, with a rich history. It is a city of over 4 million inhabitants and over 25 million annual visitors, tourists and business travelers alike. It is a city with many universities and graduate schools, having thousands of students. Also, it is the capital of Greece, holding most ministries and government services. People from all over the country come to have dealings with them and sometimes their business takes more than a day to complete. All those individuals need safe and comfortable places to stay. ultimately, they need housing for permanent residents, or hospitality for visitors!

Athens developed rapidly during the 20th century and from a city became a conurbation. There were many reasons for moving to Athens in the 20th century.

  • Coming from the Greek countryside to find a job in the rapidly-developing and prosperous Athens.
  • To find loved ones who had moved to Athens prior to you.
  • Coming as a student to study in the Universities, technical schools and other
  • Being Greek refugees from Asia Minor.

Whatever the reason, Athens was growing exponentially for decades. All those apartment buildings housed the dreams and expectations of generations of Greeks.

The great boom of tourism in recent years, led to an increased need for capacity in Athens accommodation. Athens hotels, though always expanding and improving, where not up to the task. Permanent residents of course have their homes, some of them passed down from parents to children. But many smaller or larger apartments were unused for long. So, their owners took the opportunity to use the fledgling sharing economy and the short-stay lease movement.



Features of a good rent apartment in Athens

In the city center you can find almost everything in the field of Athens apartments. There is a wide selection of apartments, for every need and every taste. Also, there are smaller apartments, cozy and cheap, for couples or solo travelers who want just somewhere to stay and rest. In adittion, there are somewhat larger apartments for families and groups of friends who came to enjoy Athens.

These apartments can accommodate them for longer stays, as they sometimes include washer-dryer machines and fully-equipped kitchens. There are apartments in large central buildings, very close to the most famous sights. Finaly, there also more “secluded” apartments, in quiet, residential areas, suitable for longer stays.

The features that a good rent apartment in Athens must have are:

Proximity to the Metro

The Athens Metro is extensive and serves millions of Athenians and tourists. It is the primary means of public transportation in Athens. During the preparation for the 2004 Olympic Games, transportation planners designed the entire Athens transportation network around it. Apartments near Metro stations became somewhat of a commodity, since someone living there can go wherever they want!


The great boom in housing that occurred in Athens during the last years, led to the renovation of numerous apartments. Many owners decided to offer apartments that were somewhat unused until then, through the short-stay online platforms. To meet the standards, they made extensive renovations, in materials, utilities, furnishings, energy-efficient features etc. A good rent apartment in Athens should be recently renovated and with all the necessary amenities. Fortunately, there is an abundance of those in Athens!


Athens apartment buildings are not that high, compared to apartment buildings in other world capitals. However, for every apartment that is not on the ground floor, or first floor, an elevator is essential. Tourists holding luggage, students with heavy bags of books, people with groceries cannot climb stairs so easily. Elderly people, people with mobility limitations are simply unable to move upwards and downwards the staircases of Athenian apartment buildings. The Greek law now makes it obligatory for buildings to have working elevators.


Athens has majestic sights. Buildings, squares, avenues, monuments, even the Athenian sky are things that someone can see out of their window. A rent apartment in Athens, whether bigger of smaller, can have an incredible view. Imagine having a view of the Acropolis of Athens itself! It is not that difficult. High priced homes with Acropolis view are usually the property of wealthy and famous Athenians. There are however, smaller apartments up for rent and short stay lease. Ederlezi Sapphire is one of them!



Best locations to rent apartment in Athens

Apartment buildings are nearly everywhere in Athens. From the historic center to the residential suburbs and even further, the apartment building is synonymous with the Athenian landscape. For reasons we outlined previously, the apartment building is a feature that defines the city. So, someone can find apartments in every area of Athens and Attica.

The best places to stay in Athens are:

Psirri – Monastiraki

Psirri and Monastiraki are perhaps the best locations to have a rent apartment in Athens. This area of the historic center is literally the vibrant heart of Athens. It is one of the most central parts of the city. Near all major sightseeing attractions but also near the best nightlife sports, restaurants and cafes of Athens. The coming of short-stay lease in Athens gave owners of apartments here the chance to offer them to tourists. With extensive renovations and improvements, many otherwise semi-abandoned apartments became boutique apartments.

Thus, tourists have the chance to stay in stylish and comfortable houses near the major sights. Being in a walking distance not only from the archaeological sites, but also the modern city center. And the best part? Every single apartment here is unique in its design, style and interior spaces. No two apartments are alike in any way, so the stay in one is a completely unique experience! We doubt if there is a better place to stay during a trip to Athens than Psirri and Monastiraki!



The hip neighborhood of Metaxourgheio is the most quickly-developing area in Athens right now. Not only it is the location of major 5* and 4* hotels and new art spaces, but also many new boutique apartments, with unique features. Also, plenty of famous and historic Greek cuisine restaurants offer an authentic Greek culinary experience.

Metaxourgheio is a central and safe district. The Metro station of the same name connects it to the entirety of the network. The station belongs to the Red Line and thus connects directly with the Acropolis of Athens! Rent apartments here have the privilege of being in the center but not suffer any noise or other effects. Metaxourgheio is one of the best areas to rent and apartment in Athens.



A neighborhood of Athens so old that even the ancient historian Thucydides mentions it by name. Today Kolonos is a residential district with a multicultural environment and a new entry in the short-stay lease market. Housing here is quite affordable and so are the rent apartments. Either for a longer, or a shorter stay, Kolonos has an array of apartments for all price ranges. Kolonos is an undiscovered jewel for those seeking cheap but quality accommodation in Athens, not far from the center. You can expect to see Kolonos in Best Places to Stay in Athens lists shortly.



One of the most sought-after neighborhoods of Europe, Koukaki lies in the shadow of the Acropolis. Primarily a residential area in the past, since the sharing economy and short-stay lease, Koukaki transformed. Experts widely consider it one of the 10 most desirable areas to rent an apartment in Europe. Koukaki has a plethora of smaller rent apartments, usually for couples and small families. Here, one can find entire buildings with short-stay apartments and assorted services. Some of the permanent residents of the area are not happy with this situation, since they view their neighborhood as “changed”.

But the truth is the area has gained value with the sharing economy movement. Koukaki offers not just an easy walk to the Acropolis. It also offers an assortment of restaurants, cafes and nightlife spots, especially in two promenades, Drakou and G. Olympiou str.



Pangrati is a quiet residential neighborhood, full of green parks and squares. Many older apartment buildings exist here and they contain apartments of all sizes. Permanent residents include families and couples. Some people have lived in Pangrati their entire lives! All these are signs of a typical neighborhood, except for one fact. Pangrati is in walking distance from the most central parts of Athens! Syntagma sq, Zappeion Gardens, Plaka, even the Acropolis are so close you can go here with a stroll! Its position makes it one of the best locations to rent apartment in Athens.

It is even a historic place for the global sports community. The Panathenaic Stadium in Pangrati was the site of the first modern Olympic Games in 1896! For decades it was a preferred district for university students and artists. Now, many home owners proceed to renovate their properties and offer them for short-term lease. Pangrati is teeming with rent apartments, though not in the cheapest prices! One thing is for certain. A neighborhood like this deserves a stay!



The Ederlezi Experience

The Ederlezi Apartments are the perfect places to live the Ederlezi Experience. The style, the attention to detail, the amenities, all help guests have a memorable stay in an Ederlezi Apartment. Not simply, places to stay, but places to live, the Ederlezi Apartments, are the best rent apartments in Athens. Along with the Ederlezi Boutique Hotel, they offer the full Ederlezi experience, that thousands of guests have already enjoyed in just a short time! Book a stay in one of  the Ederlezi Apartments and discover true hospitality!