Roof garden Athens

by May 23, 2019Bohemian Vibe

Ederlezi’s roof garden Athens

Find out a hidden oasis, in Ederlezi’s roof garden Athens. Very few things we should take at face value in the fast-moving modern world. Many people make unsubstantiated claims and promises, that add to the daily frustration. But we, here in Ederlezi Boutique Hotel and Apartments say something that we truly mean and can support. The Ederlezi Boutique Hotel’s roof garden Athens is …well, actually a garden!

With over 15 different kinds of Greek and Mediterranean flora growing here. Moreover, with dedicated staff that nurture and care for them each day. With a state-of-the-art wooden pergola providing shade, even in the hottest days of summer. Also, with stylish & elegant garden furniture such as chairs, tables and deck chairs. All made of natural wood for your relaxation and enjoyment. Finally. with hammocks that give it a camping site feel. Yes, it is exactly what one can imagine when a Greek or Mediterranean “garden” comes to mind!




Open up your mind

But you know what’s even better? You can find all that atop a recently renovated and eco-friendly, neoclassical building in Psirri, Athens. In a terrace overlooking the most vibrant and hip neighbourhood of the city! And it is a place you can stay all day and night if you want to relax. Watch the sunset above Athens with a glass of wine in hand. Listen to chill-out music. Talk with friends, old and new, open up your mind to new perspectives and experiences. There are so many possibilities when you are in Athens and the Ederlezi Boutique Hotel.

Can you imagine yourself in these surroundings? Enjoying the shade, while lying in the hammock? Sitting on the wooden table, eating a light meal? Relaxing on the deck-chair, reading your favourite book, or your next favourite book? You don’t have to. When you book a stay in Ederlezi Boutique Hotel, you get to enjoy them! You get to experience the vibes of magnificent Athens and vibrant Psirri. Get to see a side of it, different from the rest. A bird’s eye view of a fast-moving, colourful neighbourhood!


Food and drink in the roof garden of Ederlezi Boutique Hotel

The Ederlezi Boutique Hotel’s roof garden gives you a unique chance: To enjoy food and drink in our natural Greek garden in the centre of Athens. You can stroll around Psirri and Monastiraki, with their near-infinite options of food, drink and pastry. Also, you can and you will, smell, feel, taste all kinds of food and take them out. We have an advice for you. Bring them to the roof garden and enjoy them with a view of Psirri and the surrounding area.

Have your afternoon coffee under the pergola, while starting an interesting conversation that will perhaps last until the early morning. Drink our complimentary wine while seeing the Athenian sun-setting. Feel the light breeze of air, while experiencing the culinary diversity of Athens, Greece. You can also read your favourite book or comic, or listen to your favourite pieces of music. Moreover, you can do yoga on a clear day. The possibilities for creating memories are endless in Ederlezi Boutique Hotel’s roof garden!

And that is not all! Soon, Ederlezi Boutique Hotel will provide its guests with a delicious, individual breakfast. The roof garden will be the best place to enjoy it! Want to hear some more good news? Ederlezi Boutique Hotel’s roof garden will soon be the site of a BBQ spot. Then, our guests will have a choice of freshly-cooked BBQ delicacies to enjoy! Be certain, there are always new surprises coming to Psirri and the Ederlezi Boutique Hotel! Just subscribe to our blog and learn first all of our exciting news from us and our partners!

Exclusivity to Ederlezi Living guests

Most roof gardens of Athens are crowded, noisy places, with loud music; People in large groups that talk on the top of their voices. Many roof gardens in Athens fell victim to their own success: crowds of Athenians and tourists pushing and pulling each other trying to take a selfie. Waiters buzzing around, bringing orders. Very little space to occupy and, let’s be frank, no real way to relax!

But there is a difference in Ederlezi Boutique Hotel’s roof garden. Its use is exclusive to the hotel’s guests and their visitors! To sum it up: If you are a guest of the Ederlezi Boutique Hotel in Athens city center, or the Ederlezi Athens Boutique Apartments, you get access to our roof garden. This is in essence, your private roof garden in Psirri, Athens.

It is a matter of principle actually. To explain, your house in not open to anyone, save those you have invited to it, your friends and loved ones. Your garden is the same, a place of relaxation for those you decided to invite in. Furthermore, your hotel room is your house while you stay in another city, so why is this any different? Likewise, the roof garden of Ederlezi Boutique Hotel is the private garden of your house, so why let anyone just come?

An island of relaxation

To describe Ederlezi Boutique Hotel’s roof garden in a phrase, try “an island of relaxation in the heart of an historic city”. If you see it, you will feel the true meaning of the words. Just book a stay in one of our 8 different rooms or 3 individual apartments. All guests of Ederlezi Boutique Hotel and only them and their visitors have access to the newest and hippest roof garden of Athens. It’s quite a privilege, but you know what? You deserve it and certainly you owe it to yourself!

Ederlezi Boutique Hotel’s roof garden in Psirri, in the heart of Athens awaits you. It will provide you with a cosy and exhilarating experience! Believe us, and our guests to this day: Ederlezi’s roof garden Athens, will be the place of some of the best memories of your stay!

Roof gardens in Athens

Athens has a million sights to see. From the ancient Acropolis of Athens to Lycabetus Hill. Also, from the beautiful neoclassical mansions of the centre to modern buildings of peculiar architecture. From small, some say hidden, urban churches to artistically brilliant wall murals of street art. Many of them have something in common. The best way to experience their beauty and their completeness is from above. They are better appreciated and enjoyed from a vantage point of view!

Thus, during the last years of booming tourism, the roof gardens of Athens became a new symbol of the ancient city. Nearly hidden and unapproachable for years, many roof tops of Athens were nothing more than storage areas for their buildings. One could think that the roof of an apartment building or an office building has no other use than storage. In the case of Athens, they are also the site for the erection of TV antennas. But even many popular hotels of Athens had their roof tops underused and not accessible even to their own guests!

This practice changed in recent years. Athenians understood the real value of a beautiful roof garden or roof bar. Across the centre of Athens many neglected roof tops gained new life. They opened up, becoming bars, restaurants, observation decks and even open-air cinemas! Many new establishments tried to incorporate roof gardens in their amenities. A number of new hotels opened their doors in Athens recently. Most tried somehow to make their roof top a place of meeting for everyone. Others made another choice and decided that their roof tops will be only for the enjoyment of their guests. Ederlezi Boutique Hotel is a premium example of the second choice and we are proud of this decision!

Sights of Athens in and near Psirri best enjoyed from above:

  • View of Psirri and the surrounding area, from the roof garden of Ederlezi Boutique Hotel.
  • SpTop of FormBottom of Formectacular view of Monastiraki sq., the Acropolis, Monastiraki Metro Station, parts of the Ancient Agora and the Jistarakis Mosque.
  • Acropolis in the background, with the Athens Cathedral and the Cathedral sq. in the foreground.
  • Syntagma sq. and the Greek parliament, with the impeccable green background of the National Garden.
  • Acropolis front and centre, with Dionysiou Areopagitou promenade, the “most beautiful promenade in the world”, directly below.


Sights of Athens in other areas best enjoyed from above:

  • Majestic Zappeion Conference centre and the Zappeion gardens, with the residential neighbourhood of Pangrati in the background.
  • Whole of Athens and the surrounding area, from atop the Lycabettus hill.
  • Entire Syngrou Av. from the Pillars of the Olympian Zeus, all the way to Kallithea and Moschato.
  • Athens Concert Hall, its gardens and the grand avenues surrounding it.


Athenian sights and nature best enjoyed from above:

  • Busy streets and not-so-busy byways.
  • Street art murals of great artistic value in the outer walls of apartment buildings
  • The sun, setting behind iconic buildings and even the Parthenon.
  • Full moon and a starlit sky, above the ancient city that has seen a thousand full moons.

The Acropolis as the observation post of Athens.

The Acropolis Hill was the highest point of the ancient Athenian city – state. Moreover, the Athenians, pious, but also politically savvy, dedicated it to the Goddess Athena. On it, they build the temple of the Parthenon, which was the holiest of places for them. The city of Athens of the Classical years sprawled from the foot of the hill outwards. What is now Plaka, was the site of the first settlement, also due to its defensibility from enemy attack! From atop the Acropolis hill one can see the entire Attica plateau, all the way to Piraeus and the sea. So, it was easy to spot enemies coming from land or sea and organize the defences. Also, the openness of the place let people think more clearly and come up with new ideas. Thus, its dedication to Athena, a goddess of wisdom, but also war, was all but fitting!

The ancient Athenians also thought of the olive tree as the gift of the Goddess to her favourite city. There is a relative myth about the contest between Poseidon and Athena, about who will be the city’s protector. Poseidon created the horse and Athena the olive tree and each offered the creation to the people of Attica. The people found the olive tree more useful and they proclaimed Athena their protector. They named the city Athens in her honor and themselves Athenians. So, in a way, the olive tree and the observation posts of Athens have a connection dating back since mythical times! It is thus fitting that Ederlezi Boutique Hotel’s roof garden is home to two olive trees! A place of relaxation and inner peace, a place to talk and seek wisdom, adorned with Athena’s favorite creations.

Dream, breath, live in our roof garden!

Now that you know all there is to know about our roof garden, only one thing remains: Experience it for yourself! Book a stay with us, either in Ederlezi Boutique Hotel, or the Ederlezi Apartments and get access to it! It is one of the best features of Ederlezi living! Well, along with the hospitality, the BoHo style of design, the stylish simplicity philosophy. Basically, our roof garden encapsulates all that make Ederlezi Living’s hospitality proposal different. It is a symbol of what we wanted to bring to Athens and the world. In a way, it is a summary of the Ederlezi spirit. It is the centre of the Ederlezi universe.

And you can enjoy it, in Psirri, the heart of Athens, overlooking the beautiful promenade of Lepeniotou. In walking distance from the Acropolis of Athens, the original high place of spirituality and wisdom. Full of natural materials that create a tingling sensation. Open, like your mind will be open to new perspectives and views. A place to live!