What to Do in Athens

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What to do in Athens? Ederlezi Living

Do you wonder “What to do in Athens”? Well, for starters, stay in Ederlezi Boutique Hotel and the Ederlezi Apartments! Ederlezi Boutique Hotel lies in the heart of Athens. In the area of Psirri, where all the cultural spaces and nightlife spots are located. Furthermore, Ederlezi Boutique Hotel opened in May 2019 and already has quite a reputation as one of the best boutique hotels! With its 8 unique rooms, its distinctive BoHo style and its incredible roof garden, Ederlezi is certainly a premium choice for: Tourists who want to discover Athens. Business travelers who wish to conduct meetings in the center of the city. Families, couples, groups of friends. All have found in the Ederlezi a place to stay. The Ederlezi Apartments in Metaxourgheio and Psirri are 3 modern and recently renovated apartments. All follow the tenets of the BoHo style, just like the Ederlezi Boutique Hotel. Moreover, all feature a range of amenities that not many boutique apartments have. All sport a distinct personality, which is evident. The Ederlezi apartments are:

  • Ederlezi Diamond: A stone house in the center of Athens, in the Psirri area.
  • Ederlezi Emerald: A large, 100 sq. m. apartment in Metaxourgheio, Ederlezi Emerald can house families and large groups of friends. Up to 8 people can stay here in comfort. Also, 3 bedrooms and a large common space, plus a big balcony offer all the space you will need.
  • Ederlezi Sapphire: A cozy studio in Metaxourgheio, with an unobstructed view of the Acropolis of Athens. Ederlezi Sapphire is the ideal choice for a couple on a romantic trip. It is a superb choice for a business traveler who wants to stay near a Metro station for easy transportation. Also, is a place for relaxation.




What to do in Athens

Athens is the capital of Greece and a city of millions. A large metropolis with a vibrant center and extensive suburbs, Athens is a big city to explore. It has literally countless things to do and see. When you are in Athens, getting bored is not an option! Athenians themselves may not know all the spots and secrets of the city. Tour guides only mention some of them. Hence, there are more things to do in Athens than you can imagine! Without a doubt, in Athens you can find some of the best places to stay!    

Monastiraki – Psirri

Psirri and Monastiraki are two neighborhoods full of sights, sounds and tastes! Some would say it is one neighborhood, because no one knows where each one begins and ends! The heart of Athens and the center of nightlife and culture, things to do in Psirri and Monastiraki include:

  • Relax in the roof garden of the Ederlezi Boutique Hotel, with wine, food, coffee and your favorite book or comic!
  • Discover the treasures of the antique shops of Athens. This area has the best legal antique shops, in the ownership of legitimate professionals. No one really knows what hidden treasures one can find here, if they look closely!
  • Play a thrilling escape game in one of the Escape Rooms of the area. Athens is steadily becoming an escape room capital of Europe and Psirri has some of the best escape rooms!
  • Have a delightful pastry creation in one of the thematic pastry shops of Psirri and Monastiraki. Fairy tale decorations and the accompanying demeanor of the staff, make the thematic pastry shops an experience of their own.
  • Just stand in a vantage point in Monastiraki square and observe the crowd. Always full of people, day and night, Monastiraki sq. has the backdrop of the Acropolis and a certain vibrancy.
  • Locate and take a photo of a street art mural. In the streets of the extensive area you can find many examples of artistically brilliant street art. With inspiration coming from the recent financial crisis and social issues, many street artists created beautiful pieces. Not only a matter of personal taste, but also of perspective, find the artwork that best describes your thoughts!


An up-and-coming neighborhood in the center of Athens, Metaxourgheio is home to 5-star hotels, but also high-standards boutique apartments. The Metro station connects it directly to the Acropolis and Plaka, as well as the airport and the port of Piraeus. This is what to do in Metaxourgheio:

  • Have a relaxing time in the balcony of the Ederlezi Sapphire. Sip wine while taking a peek at the Acropolis of Athens. The unobstructed view of the ancient monument from the place you are actually staying is an experience like no other!
  • Gather in the common lounge of the Ederlezi Emerald to eat, share stories and plan what to do in Athens. This can be your expedition “beachhead”, especially if you are a large group of friends or family! Athens waits for you to explore it!
  • Stand and contemplate on the Monument of the Fallen. A tribute to the heroes of the Greek Air Force, it is a brilliant artistic representation of the mythical Icarus. Visible from both the Ederlezi Sapphire and the Ederlezi Emerald, it is a landmark of the city.


Syntagma is the most central part of Athens! It is the location of the Greek Parliament and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Hundreds of people traverse the iconic square each moment and it is a transport hub. Things to in Syntagma and the surrounding area include:

  • Watch the Changing of the Guard in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, right in front of the Greek Parliament. A ceremony that the Presidential Guard (the Evzones) conduct each hour, 24 hours a day, every day. Full of precise, meaningful moves, the Changing is honoring the Greeks who fought and died in the pursuit of freedom.
  • Explore the National Garden and the adjacent Zappeion Gardens. The retreat of many Athenians who want to escape from the hustle of the city. Furthermore, the National Garden was the palace gardens of the first king of Greece, Otto and his wife Amalia. The site of various species of plants, ponds, pathways, one can spend a day here and still have much to explore.
  • Visit the Panathenaic Stadium. Also known as the “Kallimarmaron”, it is the place of the first modern Olympic Games of 1896. As such, it is a part of sports history and a sacred place for those who follow the Olympic Values.


According to paleontological and archaeological findings, Plaka is the oldest continuously-inhabited neighborhood of Europe. Surrounding the Acropolis Hill, where the Acropolis of Athens stands, Plaka is a majestic site to explore. Things to do in Plaka include:

  • Climb the steps towards the Acropolis of Athens. A journey through history itself, millions of people each year wander the stone roads leading to the Acropolis. Moreover, a path that great people walked for millennia.
  • Have a stroll in the stone pathways between the old mansions and courtyards. Small paved streets with the names of ancient and modern poets, running uphill, passing beside historic structures. The first Greek University, houses of famous composers, small music stages, an intact Sponsor Monument from ancient Athens. A walk through them is a walk through history itself!
  • See the Acropolis Museum. One of the best and most important museums in the world, the Acropolis Museum is a symbol of modern Greece. The position of the futuristic building on top of ancient ruins parallels the foundation of modern Greece upon ancient glory! Furthermore, the Parthenon Marbles are here, along with thousands of other artifacts. Last but not least, the café of the museum offers truly the best view of the Acropolis imaginable!

Northern Suburbs

The Northern suburbs of Athens are less crowded than the center. They are places of family neighborhoods and open parks but also malls, shops and office buildings for large corporations. In addition, they are famous for their cafes and restaurants. They also house the preferred spots of Greek celebrities and magnificent, historic buildings. Things to do in the northern Suburbs of Athens include:

  • Visit one of the great malls of the northern suburbs. Places of shopping and entertainment, they are the favorite gathering spots of Athenians of all ages, particularly teenagers and families. Some of them have received design awards in international competitions.
  • Walk in the Kifissia Park. An oasis of green, it is one of the premier parks of the northern suburbs. Each spring, the Annual Flower Exhibition transforms it into a pallet of colors and smells. It is the ideal time to enjoy it, as many families do. Also, it is easy to reach it, as it lies right outside the Kifissia Railway terminal station!
  • Check out the historic buildings and villas that dot the suburbs. Some of them belong to celebrities. Some other are historic homes of families of renown. Even the house in which the then PM took the decision for Greece to enter into World War II! Politicians, TV stars and others call the northern suburbs home.

Southern Suburbs

The Southern suburbs of Athens are close to the sea. Large open parks, newly constructed buildings of great architectural significance and the presence of the sea define the area. Green and blue in harmony are the colors you would find here. Things to do in the southern suburbs of Athens include:

  • Have a walk in the promenades beside the sea. From Piraeus towards Vouliagmeni, the entire beachfront of Athens is dotted with pathways that go parallel to the sea. Traversing through marinas, gardens, past historic churches and large 5-star hotels, it is a perfect activity for the evening! As the sun sets and the sea breeze cools you, you will discover magnificent colors in the sky. After sundown, the lights of the city will mesmerize you.
  • Visit the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center. Site of the National Library and the National Opera of Greece, it’s a place of many cultural events throughout the year. Its extensive park hosts the Sunday escapes of Athenians, but every day dozens more jog and walk here. Synonymous with relaxation as well as culture, it is a jewel of southern Athens.
  • Taste some of the best BBQ choices in Athens! The southern suburbs have many options for meat lovers, with extraordinary burger creations. Ribs, steaks, chicken wings, hot sauces and accompanying dishes make for a strong culinary experience! The meat restaurants in the southern parts of the city creatively emulate the style on South American dinneries, particularly of Argentina and Chile.

The Ederlezi Experience

One of the top hotels in Athens, is certainly the Ederlezi experience! With a stay at the Ederlezi Boutique Hotel or the Ederlezi Apartments, you can experience the best Athens has to offer. The location of the Ederlezi Boutique Hotel in the vibrant Psirri area, makes it the perfect spot to stay. Psirri is the heart of Athens for sure! Here you can plan the things you want to do in Athens. Find the perfect activity for you. Just ask us and we can offer hints and tips about the things to do in Athens! We have extensive knowledge and experience in sights and activities. Athens is our city and we love it! We always try to find new interesting places to recommend. We learn and adapt. That is not just a service, it is our pleasure, as we discover Athens with you! We, just like our guests, try to find what to do in Athens! Ederlezi Apartments, Sapphire, Emerald & Diamond offer another unique chance. The chance to have a place in the center to stay while you find what to do in Athens. Whatever you decide, the way to find it is right outside your door. All Ederlezi apartments are very near the Athens metro that connects the city and the suburbs. This way, all are unique launching pads for exploration and adventures in the city! Our recommendations help you, but ultimately, the things to do in Athens that you discover yourself will be the best! Whether you decide to stay in the Ederlezi Boutique Hotel or the Ederlezi Apartments, you can easily book a stay. Either directly through our website. By sending us an email at bookings@ederleziliving.com. By calling us at (+30) 211 1828454. There are so many ways to live the Ederlezi experience!