What to see in Athens

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What to see in Athens?

Athens is the capital of Greece. A city with millennia of history and with every era leaving its mark on it. Millions of visitors come to Athens every year, either as tourists or as business travelers. They look up and research information about the city before their visit. Hence, one of their more frequent questions is “what to see in Athens”? Especially for visitors with a limited amount of time and resources, the answer to this question is paramount and can dictate their decisions.

As a great world capital, Athens has a great number of things to see. A city that exists for so many centuries, passing through different eras, undoubtedly has much to offer to a visitor. Each neighborhood of the historic center has some famous places, either from ancient times, or of modern fame. Despite that, Athens is a large conurbation of over 4 million people. Areas outside the center, notably the northern and southern suburbs, also have a number of sights. Ultimately, a visitor that want to know Athens as a whole, must explore them too. Lets see the best hotels and apartments close to the best historical monuments and places to visit in the center of Athens.

Ederlezi Boutique Hotel

Ederlezi Boutique Hotel is the flagship of the Ederlezi Living hospitality brand! Furthermore, it is a premium boutique hotel in an excellent location, right in the heart of Athens. The vibrant Psyri area is close to most of the places that answer the question “what to see in Athens”. Ederlezi Boutique Hotel follows the BoHo style of design and the aesthetics of Bohemianism. 8 rooms, 8 unique experiences await the guest. Moreover, Ederlezi Boutique Hotel opened in 2019 and already manages to be one of the top choices for many travelers. It provides all the amenities one needs in their trip to Athens and then some. In Ederlezi Boutique Hotel, you come a guest, but leave a friend and we already have thousands of friends worldwide!



Ederlezi Zoubourlou Aparthotel

Ederlezi Zoubourlou Aparthotel is a new addition to the Ederlezi Living family and we are proud of it! The Ederlezi Zoubourlou Aparthotel is in the best part of Athens, right on the colorful Psyri sq. Above the famed Zoubourlou pastry shop, Ederlezi Zoubourlou Aparthotel has 4 rooms that stimulate all senses! It is doubtful you will find a more privileged spot to stay while searching for what to see in Athens.



Ederlezi Apartments

The Ederlezi apartments are a collection of boutique apartments in the most central parts of Athens, in Psyri, Metaxourgheio and soon Kolonos. Their locations close to Metro stations mean that guests have immediate access to the Athens transportation system to get anywhere. Following the philosophy of Ederlezi Living, they offer comfortable accommodation for varying numbers of guests. In addition, we have recently renovated them, with all-natural materials and much attention, to offer the best accommodation experience. The Ederlezi Apartments can cater to every guest’s needs.

Ederlezi Diamond

This large stone house with 2 bedrooms, is in the most central part of Psyri. It can house up to 4 people. Its greatest feature, expect its excellent position, is its balcony, a perfect place to sit and enjoy breakfast or your wine!

Ederlezi Emerald

A large 100 sq. m. apartment in Metaxourgheio, Ederlezi Emerald can house up to 8 people! Moreover, a group of friends or a family can find in the Emerald the perfect place they ask for. When staying in the Emerald, with the Athens metro at your feet, is it easy to answer the question. “What to see in Athens”? You can really see everything!

Ederlezi Sapphire

A cozy studio with an excellent view in Metaxourgheio, on Karaiskaki sq., Ederlezi Sapphire is beloved by its guests. And what we mean by “excellent view”? What about an unobstructed view of the Acropolis of Athens? It provides all amenities for 3 people, a location mere meters from the Metro and all the natural light you need! What more can you ask for?



What to see in Athens – Psyri & Monastiraki

Monastiraki & Psyri is a large area in the literal heart of Athens, in the historic center. No one really can tell where Monastiraki stops and Psyri begins. This is because this area is so colorful and bewildering that you literally cannot feel the passage of time! There so many things to see in Psyri & Monastiraki that the question in not “What to see in Athens”. It is “What to see first?”

The Roof Garden of Ederlezi Boutique Hotel

One of the best roof gardens of Athens, with 15 varieties of Greek plants and 2 olive trees. A perfect place to relax, drink your wine, have a talk or read a book. The roof garden of Ederlezi Boutique Hotel is exclusive to the guests of Ederlezi Living and their visitors. The roof garden awaits you to make your best memories in Athens!

Monastiraki Metro station

This central and iconic metro station is one of the busiest in Athens, but also unique. It is the only station that offers direct access to both the Athens airport and the port of Piraeus simultaneously. Except being the true heart of the Athens transportation system, it is an architecturally distinct building. The antiquities and modern art pieces on display make it also a place to see in its own right!

The Ancient Agora

The epicenter of economic, social and political life of the ancient Athenians. This is the place that Athenians of the Gold Century and beyond gathered to shop, interact and socialize. Most public buildings and services were located here. It is where the concept of democracy started. Today’s visitors can walk in the same roads as Solon, Socrates and Pericles.


What to see in Athens – Plaka

One of the oldest areas of Athens, Plaka was its first “upscale” neighborhood. Even during Ottoman times, the residents of Plaka were old Athenian families. As the new state was born, public services like the Athens University called Plaka home. Today Plaka is quite a picturesque place, almost like an island town, although much of its majesty remains! This is what to see in Plaka:

The Acropolis of Athens

One of the most famous and iconic buildings in the world, the Acropolis of Athens stands for millennia. A symbol of what Greece contributed to the world, synonymous with Western civilization itself. A timeless monument of greatness not of a king but of an entire people!


This small borough inside Plaka might fool you! No, you are not in an island! This is Anafiotika. The beauty is stunning, the colors bright. Tourists have discovered it, but the unique feeling it gives off cannot change. Scenes from classic Greek movies? Postcards or Instagram posts? You have seen those steps before!

Dionysiou Areopagitou promenade

Experts consider it the best promenade in Europe. Dionysiou Areopagitou is the most iconic road in Athens, one side filled with expensive manors, the other open to the Acropolis. Bikers, families and couples walk here during all times of day, but the best time is night time. The illumination of the monuments, the distant music of the cafes and the people walking, create an almost fairytale setting!


What to see in Athens – Syntagma

Syntagma sq. is the most central area of Athens. Countless Athenians and tourists make their way every hour in Syntagma, going about their business, sightseeing or catching a bus. Syntagma sq. is historic in every way, as the location of the Greek Parliament and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. One can also find in Syntagma luxury hotels, stylish cafes, travel agencies, embassies of foreign countries and public services. Also travel agencies and many other services. What to see in Syntagma?



The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The monument that Greeks built to honor those who died for freedom in various wars. Its simplicity of design and execution is indicative of the timeless Greek aesthetic. The Greek Presidential Guard has a constant presence here. Two “Evzones” stand by the monument at all times. Every hour, they conduct the Changing of the Guard, a brief ritual of precise moves. This ceremony attracts a large number of locals and tourists each day, who come to pay their respects.

The National and Zappeion Gardens

The National Garden is a green oasis in the heart of Athens. As the former Palace Garden of King Otto, it is widespread and full of ponds, small bridges, walkways, and sitting spots. Athenians walk here after work, to relax from a stressful day. Furthermore, The Zappeion Gardens, adjacent to the National Garden, are attached to the Zappeion Conference Center. The 16 unique statues that adorn them portray national benefactors or abstract concepts like struggle, work and unrequited love. Together, the National and Zappeion gardens form an extensive garden complex in the heart of Athens.

The Church of St. Fotini of Ilissos

This small Orthodox church stands at the foot of the Pillars of Olympian Zeus. Its stone courtyard, accessible from a downturn, and the feeling that surrounds it, make it feel like a village church. While the nearby Pillars attract most tourists, those who really know Athens, will enjoy some quiet moments here.

The Panathenaic Stadium

This marble stadium, technically in the Pangrati area, was the site of the first modern Olympic Games in 1896. This is where the Olympic Ideal as we know today was born. So, it is a large part of sports history and a place that every athlete must visit at least once! See it as a kind of a “pilgrimage”.


What to see in Athens – Metaxourgheio

Metaxourgheio is a neighborhood in the center of Athens, near Omonoia sq. It Is a rapidly developing and highly popular area, with many new 4 and 5-star hotels opening. In addition, it has its own metro station that helps connect it to the entirety of the Athens transportation system. This is what to see in Metaxourgheio:



The view from the Ederlezi Sapphire

A real, unobstructed Acropolis view is what most visitors of Athens want to see. If you stay in Ederlezi Sapphire you are lucky! The balcony of the apartment offers one of the best views of the Acropolis possible! Especially at night, with the Acropolis bathed in light, the view is mesmerizing.

The Monument of the Fallen

Visible from both the Ederlezi Sapphire and the Ederlezi Emerald, it’s the monument to the fallen Greek Air Force personnel. The artistic representation of mythical Icarus falling from the sky, stands as a symbol of their legacy. It is iconic and easily accessible!

Art spaces

Metaxourgheio is the place of many new galleries and art spaces that opened during the last years. The cultural boom of Athens meant that artists and art forms wanted space to present themselves to the public. So, old industrial buildings and shops were an ideal solution, due to low rent. Metaxourgheio has a space for every art form and also, many street art murals.


What to see in Athens – Northern Suburbs

The Northern suburbs are mostly upscale residential areas and business districts. Most large corporations based in Athens have their headquarters in the Northern Suburbs. Also, it is a favorable place for shopping, walking and pastime activities for the residents of Athens. Here is what to see in the Northern Suburbs:



The Park of Kifissia

This municipal park in Kifissia, one of the most beautiful of the Northern Suburbs is famous for the annual Flower Exhibition. In Spring, the park becomes a riot of vivid color and smell. This event draws the most prominent florists of the country and thousands of visitors. During all other seasons, the Park attracts families and couples on walks, as it is easily accessible by train. Fun fact: a couple having a memorable day in this park is the subject of a popular Greek song of the 80s!

The Shopping Malls

The Northern Suburbs are home to many of Athens’ best shopping malls. Moreover, Athens has a collection of excellent shopping malls, some of them claiming design awards in international competitions. They offer a complete experience of shopping, food, entertainment for all. Exclusive stores of designer brands, outlets of chains, even supermarkets stand beside multiplex cinemas, quality restaurants and concept cafes. This is why they are always full of people of every age, gender and economic status.

Old estates

The Northern suburbs were always the favorite place of important Greeks, artists, writers, politicians, industrialists and more. Many old, walled estates belong to the same families for decades. Some of them are outright historic. One is the house that then-Prime Minster Metaxas decided that Greece will enter World War 2 in 1940.


The Ederlezi Experience

Ederlezi Boutique Hotel, Ederlezi Zoubourlou Aparthotel and the Ederlezi Apartments constitute the Ederlezi Living brand. Furthermore, they offer the Ederlezi Experience. Stylish simplicity, superior quality of service, attention to detail, all combined to offer guests the best experience possible. A stay at one of the Ederlezi properties is certain to create beautiful memories to all guests! Book a stay with us, directly by sending us an email at bookings@ederliving.com or with a phone call at (+30) 211 1828454. We are here to welcome you!