Where to stay in Athens

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Where to stay in Athens? Ederlezi Living

Ederlezi Boutique Hotel & Apartments are the best answer to the question “Where to stay in Athens”! Their position in the heart of Athens, in the Psirri and Metaxourgheio areas, brings. They provide the best possible solution for all kinds of travelers who wish to stay in the Greek capital. Whatever is your purpose of visit to Athens, business, leisure, sightseeing, a visit to friends, they can cater to your needs.

Where to stay in Athens – Ederlezi Boutique Hotel

In the heart of Athens, in the area of Psirri, stands the Ederlezi Boutique Hotel. A recent renovation in May 2019 transformed the majestic neoclassical mansion into a BoHo style oasis. Natural materials, wooden furniture, stone, and the attention to detail makes the Ederlezi Boutique Hotel a premium choice. Its quality of service, knowledgeable staff and small unique details make it a “must-stay” hotel. Finally, Ederlezi Boutique Hotel has so much to offer to any kind of traveler and for any length of stay!



Where to stay in Athens – Ederlezi Apartments

Ederlezi Diamond: A 2-bedroom stone house in the center of Psirri, near the Monastiraki sq. and all points of interest. The Ederlezi Diamond is perfect for a family or a group of 4 friends. Its position is the best possible if you want to explore the beating heart of Athens, the historic center. Close to the Monastiraki metro station and in walking distance from the Acropolis of Athens and all the major sights. Where to stay in Athens? Here! It doesn’t get more “Athens” than that! Ederlezi Emerald: The Ederlezi Emerald is a 100-sq.m. apartment in Athens, for 8 people in Metaxourgheio. It has 3 large bedrooms, a living room that a group can gather, talk and trade stories. Moreover, it has a kitchen to cook and a washer-dryer machine for the guests. It is a place suited for longer stays and for larger groups of friends who wish to enjoy Athens. Ultimately, its position near the Metaxourgheio metro station keeps the entire city of Athens at the guests’ feet. Ederlezi Sapphire: With a real unobstructed Acropolis view, Ederlezi Sapphire is the ideal choice for a couple. This top-floor studio in Metaxourgheio not only is cozy and well-equipped, but also carries the BoHo style. Its balcony with the beech wood railing is perfect for relaxing, watching the Acropolis. The Metro is 1 min, walking from here, which means that Athens is open to any guest Thus, as guests have said in the past, it is the ultimate answer to the question “where to stay in Athens”!  

Where to stay in Athens

As in every major city in the world, you can find a multitude of Athens accommodation choices. Greeks have always been hospitable and tourism is one of the major industries of the country. Athens is an ancient and historic city, that receives millions of tourists each year. Especially during the summer and spring months, Athens literally floods with people coming to visit it! All those people require accommodation of quality. They require basic amenities that will make their travel even better. Furthermore, they require rest in a clean, relaxing environment. They require their accommodation of choice to be near most or all famous sightseeing attractions and public transportation options. Athens can provide all of those and more, with its tourist infrastructure. There is not a single type of accommodation that one cannot find in Athens. Choices of accommodation in Athens include:  

Boutique Hotels

One of the premier forms of accommodation flourishing during the last years. Boutique Hotels arose from the creative minds of pioneering owners, designers, internal architects etc. They took older, iconic buildings in central neighborhoods and transformed them into masterpieces of design and of coziness. Athens Boutique Hotels are a comparatively new feature of Greek hospitality, only arising during the years after the economic crisis. Athens has some of the best design Boutique Hotels in Europe. Many international accolades and awards they have won signify it. The excellent reviews and opinions of their guests prove it. Their position in the recommendation lists of major travel websites verify it. Finally, Boutique Hotels most times channel the personality of the owners, their own passion and ambition.  

Chain Hotels:

Larger hotels, which sometimes belong to famous and established international chains. Several great brands have hotels In the Greek capital, as Athens is one of the premier travel markets in Europe and the world. SOme of the best Hotels in Athens, that have stood for decades and are landmarks of their own. Spacious buildings that previously housed government services or large stores and became hotels after extensive renovations. A few all-new buildings which are architecturally distinct and unique. All are forms that a chain hotel in Athens can take. Chain hotels maintain the industry standard of accommodation and features, but in Athens they take a spin of the Greek hospitality. As such, professionalism and international operating procedures combine with the Greek passion for excellence.  

Family-run hotels:

Greeks have a centuries-old tradition in hospitality. Independent hotels, run by families, were a staple of Greek hospitality scene for the entire 20th century and continue to be. Several hotels in premium locations with world-class features and amenities belong to a family. Sometimes these hotels are more famous in a region than chain hotels and offer better service. Furthermore, the owners themselves run their day-to-day operation, with the help of trusted staff, who have been with them for years. Experienced hoteliers in their own right, which command the respect of their peers. With many stories to tell, these people have strong personalities and know hospitality from the inside out.  

Where to stay in Athens – More places

Short-stay apartments

Athens is one of the most prolific cities in Europe in the short-stay apartment market. The city has a wide choice of apartments for all who wish to stay. Solo travelers, couples, groups of friends, families, all can find in Athens the ideal short-stay apartment. They might come for business, sightseeing or as a way stop between the airport and the Greek Islands. Moreover, they may want to stay for a night, 2-3 days, a week or more. Whatever they want, they can find it in Athens. Some of them are boutique apartments, following the edicts of the boutique hotel design and uniqueness. All of them can be booked from the online booking platforms or directly by their owners. The state regulates the short-stat landscape and ensures the quality of the apartments and the services they offer.  


Low-cost hostels are not as omnipresent in Athens as in other European capitals. We can attribute this to the tradition of Greek hospitality, which never considered low-cost hostels an option for guests. However, during recent times, with many overnight low-income and younger tourists coming to Athens, a number of hostels opened. Hostels offer just the basic amenities for a traveler, a bed to sleep and perhaps a private bathroom. However, they are very budget-friendly and this is a popular feature for backpackers and adventure-seekers.  

Where to stay in Athens – Areas

Athens is a major world capital. A big city of millions of residents! It covers the entirety of the Attica plateau and has a diverse array of neighborhoods. Athens is really one of the most multi-faceted cities in the world, with many features that capture every guest’s attention. It also has a wide array of places to stay in each neighborhood. Large, luxurious hotels, part of international chains. Smaller, family-run, historic hotels in premium neighborhoods, or in the center of the city. Low-cost accommodation for travelers who wish just a place to sleep, between their excursions. Very recently renovated boutique hotels, which are a complete experience on their own. Short-lease apartments in the most central parts of the city. Finally, many other choices exist for shorter or longer stays, not only in the heart of Athens but elsewhere as well. All those choices are spread throughout the city, its central parts and its suburbs. Some areas have a larger concentration of a specific type of accommodation. This is due to urban planning and historical reasons mostly, as well as opportunities and the economic environment. Some of the areas that a traveler in Athens can stay are:  

Psirri – Monastiraki

The heart of the historic centre of Athens, Psirri & Monastiraki are full of stylish boutique hotels, in renovated older buildings. They also are a hotbed of short-stay boutique apartments. Old theatres, warehouses, workshops are now housing award-winning smaller hotels with distinctive “personalities”, catering to a wide clientele. Psirri and Monastiraki enjoy a round-the-year traveller traffic. There is no place better to find people from all over the world sightseeing, taking pictures or just having their food and coffee. With 2 Metro stations nearby. Psirri hotels near Acropolis are in real walking distance. Truly there is no better answer to the question “where to stay in Athens”.  


An area that is developing rapidly, with new hotels opening and older, established hotels renovating. Metaxourgheio is “the next big thing” is Athens accommodation. Very soon it will be full of smaller boutique hotels and apartments and it will be as famous as Koukaki in the near future. A stay in Metaxourgheio means you are close to literally everything. And we’re going to tell you a small secret. It is the best place to stay in Athens if you come by train from another part of Greece! Ultimately, it is so close to the Larissa National Railway Station, you wouldn’t believe it!  


A neighbourhood of artists and experimental cultural spaces, Kerameikos is also a place to stay. Though its hotels are few, many apartments are available to rent for short periods of time. Actors, dancers and performers live here and most apartments have an artistic flair to them. Kerameikos-Gazi is full of nightlife spots and attracts a colourful crowd of younger people.  


The most central part of the city, Syntagma sq. is the site of the Greek Parliament and the hub of the Athens Metro. Here, most of the hotels belong to recognizable brands, but there also some iconic, family-run hotels. A popular choice with business travellers, staying in Syntagma and the adjacent areas facilitates easy access to many public services. Also, it has a prestige factor, though Syntagma is not the most expensive area to book a stay.  


The “neighbourhood of the Gods”, at the foot of the Acropolis. Plaka is one of the most famous areas of Athens and certainly the most picturesque. A few places to stay in Athens can have the feel of staying in Plaka. However, the accommodation in Plaka is limited. Most of the unique mansions are in the list of protected buildings of the Ministry of Culture. So only a few hotels and apartments exist and those are on the upper scales of pricing. Nevertheless, stay in Plaka is a unique experience on its own and one must not only book early, but be ready to pay more for it.  


An area very close to Plaka and the Acropolis, Koukaki has become one of the most recognizable neighbourhoods of Europe. It is one of the 10 most popular areas to stay in the world, according to online platforms! Hundreds of short-stay apartments are available for tourists and business travellers alike. The position of Koukaki makes it easy for transport to the airport and the port of Piraeus, while also being a short walk to the Acropolis.  

The Ederlezi Experience

Ederlezi Boutique Hotel & Apartments offer superb accommodation in an affordable price. They offer amenities that make a difference with a quality of service unmatched by even the most luxurious chain hotels. Moreover, they offer unique locations in the heart of Athens, close to the Metro and all-important sites. They offer a design inspired by the BoHo philosophy and way of life. All this and more, make the Ederlezi Boutique Hotel and Apartments the best option when you search where to stay in Athens. You can live the Ederlezi experience with a stay in one of the Ederlezi properties. Just book your stay with us directly through our website, by sending an email at bookings@ederleziliving.com or calling us at (+30) 211 1828454. We await you in Psirri, Metaxourgheio and very soon in more locations, to bring you quality accommodation. Accommodation suited to your needs and desires. The Ederlezi properties are some of the best places to stay in Athens and you will find it out yourselves!