Natural materials: A tingling sensation

by Mar 20, 2019Bohemian Vibe


It is a feeling you can’t forget. The moment all natural instincts arise from within you. The first time you touch natural wood, stone, or clay. The first time you come in contact with raw nature. And after that, each time! You cannot really “get used” to this feeling. It is not something you can feel as “mundane”.

It is also something that cannot be duplicated. Even the most advanced synthetic material will never manage to imitate the real sensation of natural wood, stone & marble. And that is because we, as beings, feel closer to Mother Nature than we let ourselves to believe in our fast-paced everyday lives.




Natural sensations in Ederlezi Boutique Hotel

Every detail in Ederlezi Boutique Hotel is designed with simplicity and elegance in mind, complete with earthly color tones, stone, Greek marble, straw objects. Every room has a character of its own & one-of-a-kind stylistic details. All is inspired and follow the BoHo style of design. The Bohemian vibe is everywhere!

 Each room of Ederlezi Boutique Hotel is unique, but they all have something in common. Our hotel’s particular pride and joy: the wooden furnishings! That is, because the furniture in each room is made of naturally grown, real chestnut wood, Castanea Sativa (European Chestnut)! Experienced artisans hand-crafted them with care, in cooperation with the Department of Visual & Applied Arts of the University of Western Macedonia in Florina. The particular tree trunks the artisans used were naturally grown on the Holy Mount of Athos, a region of wild beauty and spirituality. Famous around the world for its millennia-old monasteries and traditions, Mount Athos imbued them with a spiritual energy than resonates.

The respect to the natural materials and the time-honored process of wood carving give the opportunity to experience a rare feeling. This tingling sensation is like touching Mother Earth itself. The vibe of the naturally-grown chestnut wood from an ancient, untouched land, where spirituality reigns supreme. It’s like the energy of Nature itself runs through each and every piece of furniture.

Moreover, the stone water basins, the straw decorative pieces, even the olive coloring of the walls instigate the guests’ sense of belonging. You really know you’re in a natural environment. This is what the Mediterranean feels like. From the soil, the wood, the stone, the straw, inner peace comes. The body familiarizes itself with it, having lived in a city for so long. It awakes the sleeping mind. It touches upon the very soul.

The tingling

The very first time you have this tingling sensation is unforgettable. As you experience it again and again, it becomes a part of you. To be absolutely correct, it was always a part of you. As a human being, you have an intimate connection with all that is natural, which awakens with the right stimulus. And in Ederlezi Boutique Hotel, everything is natural and stimulating of the senses!

You will find out yourself. Just enjoy the sensation. Lay back and take your time. Sit down on the one-piece wooden sofa in Flora, our most spacious room and feel engulfed by the natural vibe.  Just look upon the natural stone wall in Maira and think of the beautiful stone fences of a small Greek village. Eat, play a board game or just sit and talk around the wooden dinner tables of Smaragda & Olivia, as you feel connected to others. Idly touch the wooden benches in all our rooms as you download the photos from an incredible day in Athens to your laptop. Experience the comfort of the wooden beds with the state-of-the-art mattresses that feel like you are asleep among the clouds. Wash your face in the stone basin in every room, feeling the water flowing like in a stream in the countryside.

This is what you experience in Ederlezi Boutique Hotel. That sensation of utter connection with nature. The sense that “I am where I am supposed to be”.



Benefits of natural materials

The use of natural materials in all rooms of Ederlezi Boutique Hotel is a chance for our guests. A chance to experience nature at its finest, in a hotel in the heart of Athens. Renovated in early 2019, every material used in the process was carefully selected among many choices and processed with the utmost respect. The interior architects & decorators envisioned and the craftsmen & artisans delivered. The result was a space with an all-natural feel, but in one of the most central areas of Athens, close to the Acropolis and all the famous nightlife spots. Right in the beating heart of Athens. What better than to wake up in the comfort of your bed, among the natural wood and straw elements? What better than to return after an incredible day and night in Athens to this island of nature, to relax and prepare for an even better day!

You will see for yourselves the soothing effect all these have. You will feel as you’ve never felt before. The spiritual journey starts with a touch, a smell, a taste, a sound, a sight. In Ederlezi Boutique Hotel you will find all. We are awaiting you in our brand-new Boutique Hotel to feel the bohemian vibe and begin your journey!