Best Places to Stay in Athens

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Ederlezi, one of the Best Places to Stay in Athens

The Ederlezi Boutique Hotel and Apartments are certainly the best places to stay in Athens. Following the BoHo style of design and the concept of Stylish Simplicity, they welcome all visitors to Athens! They offer a relaxing environment in the heart of the ancient, magnificent city. Very recently renovated with all natural materials, like wood, stone and straw, they bring a sense of renewal to guests. Equipped with all modern amenities that guests expect from a modern hotel, they are the ideal Athens accommodation. Moreover, the Ederlezi brand is already starting to be synonymous with comfort, relaxation and the bohemian side of Athens. Thousands of visitors, tourists and business travellers alike, have already enjoyed our quality of service and unique attention to detail. They came as guests, left as friends and we expect them to return back like family!


  roof garden in Athens

Ederlezi Boutique Hotel

Ederlezi Boutique Hotel in Psirri, Athens is one of the newest boutique hotels in Athens. It is also one of the best places to stay in Athens at the moment. Its location in the vibrant neighborhood of Psirri brings it close to all major sights of Athens, ancient and modern. Ederlezi boutique is a hotel near Acropolis and Plaka Athens. Furthermore, it is very close to the iconic, marvelous Monastiraki sq. and Metro station on foot. It is even closer to the historic Thission railway station, an industrial landmark, hailing back to the 19th century! Just a few minutes walking from Syntagma sq. the most central point of Athens, site of the Greek parliament. Ederlezi Boutique Hotel Athens, is truly one of the best places to stay in Athens. This is mainly due to the range of features one can enjoy here. Some might say that it has even more to offer than hotels of international chains. Its 8 unique rooms, all with their own style, have the capacity to accommodate every guest’s needs. The beautiful roof garden has 15 Greek plant species, two olive trees and it is exclusive to guests of our hotel. Truly a garden in the heart of Athens, it is the favourite spot of our guests! Also, we’ll tell you a little secret: Its easily one of the most Instagrammable spots you’ll encounter! Our facilities and amenities are much more than that of a mere boutique hotel. Moreover, our own passion for hospitality, our attention to detail and our love for what we do is evident in our guests’ reviews. To our pride, it is even more evident in their smiles and their fond memories of Athens and our Hotel!

double bed

Ederlezi boutique Apartments

The Ederlezi Athens Apartments in Psirri and Metaxourgheio follow the same stylistic philosophy as Ederlezi Boutique Hotel. They are, in essence, Ederlezi Boutique Hotel’s extensions, in style and quality. They are literaly located in the heart of Athens, in walking distance from the metro and every important sight. Their extensive renovations in 2019 ensure that they feature all the state-of-the-art amenities that guests expect. Considered some of the best boutique apartments in Athens, they are ready to host everyone who reaches Athens. Are you coming for sightseeing, business, visiting friends, or just as an overnight between the airport and an island? Maybe you are a solo traveler, a couple, a family, or a group of friends? Whether you plan to stay for a longer or shorter period of time. There is an Ederlezi apartment, one of the best places to stay in Athens, that suits your needs perfectly!

The apartments

  • Ederlezi Diamond: A 2-bedroom stone house for 4 people in the vibrant area of Psirri, Athens. In the center of nightlife and culture, Ederlezi Diamond awaits those who wish to explore the center of Athens on foot. A fully equipped kitchenette and a washer-dryer machine ensure that you really feel at home. The patio with the view of Psirri awaits your evening conversations with wine and good company.
  • Ederlezi Emerald: A large 100 sq. m. apartment in Metaxourgheio, Ederlezi Emerald can accommodate up to 8 people. Its 3 bedrooms are an ideal sleeping arrangement for a large group of friends or an extended family. The location, literally 2 minutes on foot from the Metaxourgheio Metro makes it perfect for having Athens at your grasp. Its amenities include a fully equipped kitchen, two bathrooms and a washer-dryer machine for your convenience.
  • Ederlezi Sapphire: A studio with real Acropolis view, Ederlezi Sapphire is the perfect choice for couples who wish to explore Athens together. Cozy, equipped with all the amenities for up to 3 people, it awaits to house your precious moments in Athens! Relax in the balcony with the beech wood railing, sipping wine and looking at the Acropolis. Have a good sleep after a day discovering Athens. The entire conurbation is on your feet, with the Metaxourgheio Metro station literally 1 min. on foot! For sure this is one of the best places to stay in Athens city center.

Church in Athens city center

What makes  “best places to stay in Athens”?

The term “best places to stay in Athens” is very subjective, when it comes to visitors of a city or area. What is a good place to stay, depends on a number of factors:

  • The exact purpose of a stay, be it a purely sightseeing trip, or a business trip.
  • Experience from previous stays in the same city, or in general.
  • The makeup of the travelers: if they are a couple, a family with children, a group of friends. Their age, their possible mobility limitations.
  • Budget restraints and considerations.
  • The number of days one would want to stay.
  • If the travelers will have a private means of transport (i.e. car), or would depend on public transportation.
  • The type of accommodations available at that particular place.
  • Personal preferences about aspects of stay and features of the accommodation.

Each one of those aspects plays a particular role in the choice of a place to stay during a trip. A traveler, after considering all of the above, can find a place that satisfies all of their needs and preferences. The traveler gets to choose from the available accommodations which are the best places to stay in Athens, for them. Athens is not different than most places in this regard!

bedroom of Ederlezi the best place to stay in Athens

Features of the best places to stay in Athens

The best places to stay in Athens for a visitor, would be those that satisfy most of the above factors. Regardless if it’s a hotel, a boutique hotel in Athens, or a short-stay apartment, it must have certain qualities:

  • It must be in the heart of Athens, or as close as possible. Near the famous ancient sites like the Acropolis of Athens, but also near the newest landmarks and the business centers. It must be in walking distance from the major sights, or at least near the focal points of public transportation. Thus, accommodations near central Metro stations like Psirri, Monastiraki and Syntagma, are the best places to stay in Athens. That is because they give access to the entire extensive Athens transportation network.
  • It should be easily adaptable to host a differing number of visitors each time. A solo business traveler, a couple or an entire family? Older ladies and gentlemen, or younger boys and girls? The accommodation must have the means to satisfy every traveler’s reasonable needs.

More Features

  • Affordable to a great number of visitors. Although cheaper sometimes equals worse, an affordable stay should not be of lower quality. Likewise, an overpriced accommodation is not automatically a luxurious one, nor the best place to stay in Athens. A price in the normal range, set up by the market, is essential for an accommodation to attract visitors.
  • An option to stay for shorter of longer periods of time. With sightseeing tourism and business tourism booming in Athens during the last years, the length of stay varies greatly. Due to the rise of the online booking platforms and the sharing economy, the management reservations is easier than ever! It is possible for a visitor to easily amend and change the length of stay, through the online platforms. For that, it is important for an accommodation to be listed on the major sharing economy platforms. It is even easier to come to an agreement about an amendment when you have a direct booking in an accommodation. In that case, the booker and the owner can have even better communication. Both of the options require availability on the part of the accommodation for the period selected!


Ancient sightseeing

And even more features of the best places to stay in Athens

  • Location near a major public transportation hub, like a central metro station of Athens is essential. However, certain tourists and many business travelers have their own means of transport, usually a rental car. For that, it is important that the accommodation is near a safe street parking area. Even better, the accommodation should be near a guarded parking space, open 24/7. In that way, guests can have total freedom of movement for their Private tours. They can also benefit from flat-price agreements for the guests, something that some accommodations near parking spaces in Athens have.
  • Combination of all types of accommodations. Besides the classic concept of hotels, the newer concept of boutique hotels is trending worldwide, and of course in Athens! This is because it better satisfies the needs of certain kinds of travelers. Many boutique hotels in Athens have standout designs and aesthetic qualities. They combine this with state-of-the-art amenities and personalized service to the guests. Also, they can have few rooms but all sport impeccable design and furnishings, with personal touches by the owners. A product of the boutique hotel concept is the boutique apartment concept. Visionary owners of apartments in former run-down buildings perform extensive renovations to them. They shape them according to their personal tastes and keep the vibes of the initial construction methods. Moreover, they then proceed to live in them, or offer them for short-stay, or long-stay, lease! Athens is a hotbed of boutique apartment activity, helped by the number of iconic buildings.

Nearly done!!

  • Satisfaction of the guests is the most important thing. Actually, it is the paramount goal of hospitality! An accommodation, whether it is a hotel, a boutique hotel or a short-stay apartment, must ensure this. Satisfaction is also a subjective matter, as features that satisfy some guests, can be impractical to others. The more someone travels and stays in different cities, the more experience he or she accumulates of accommodations. They tend to recognize what is important and what is not, in features and amenities. City center in considered to have some of the best places to stay in Athens and the whole Europe. This is due in part to the Greek tradition of hospitality, combined with the tourism growth of the last years!
  • Lastly, personal preferences and quirks are what makes the real difference on what is considered “good place to stay”. Each person is different and each experience unique. A good accommodation is one that satisfies different tastes equally, without jeopardizing quality, style and substance. It keeps the feel of the place, while simultaneously offering something for everyone. In the best places to stay in Athens, each guest can find something to suit his/her personal taste. Something that is in equal parts familiar and different and can make the stay memorable. The satisfaction of a personal quirk is what makes a good stay, a “perfect” stay. Athens as a city and Athens accommodations combine features that can satisfy that little “something”. Very few visitors left Athens without a special memory of a particular amenity that was “exactly what the wanted”!


The Ederlezi experience

If the question is “what are the best places to stay in Athens”, then the answer is definitely: Ederlezi Boutique Hotel & Apartments! Ederlezi is one of the best hotels in Athens and has all the qualities one can ask from a boutique hotel. The Ederlezi Apartments, Sapphire, Emerald and Diamond, are the epitome of the concept of the boutique apartment in Athens today! Their features and amenities can offer what makes a good stay “great”. Furthermore, their entire philosophy and style is what makes them not just “good places to stay”, but the “best hotels in Athens city center”!  We are expecting you in Ederlezi Boutique Hotel and Apartments to live the Ederlezi experience. It will be our pleasure to welcome you!

Roof garden by night