Best Hotels in Athens Greece

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Ederlezi, one of the best hotels in Athens Greece

Ederlezi Boutique Hotel, is probably one of the best hotels in Athens someone can stay at the moment. Moreover, it is a design Boutique Hotel in the heart of Athens, very close to the Acropolis and all major sights. The vibrant, bohemian neighborhood of Psirri is the center of nightlife of Athens. Also, it has many of the best food and drink options of Athens, awarded bars, restaurants and brunch establishments. A renovated neoclassical mansion houses Ederlezi Boutique Hotel, having all the charm and style of old Athens. Ederlezi Boutique Hotel Athens, is only moments away from the famous Monastiraki square with its iconic Metro station. It’s near Ermou str., the premium shopping street of Athens, leading to Syntagma Sq. and the Greek Parliament. Finally, it is in walking distance from the historic Plaka district, the oldest continuously-inhabited neighborhood of Europe.



Ederlezi among the best hotels in Athens

Ederlezi Boutique Hotel combines many features one cannot easily find in a single hotel, let alone a Boutique Hotel today!

  • It’s a brand new hotel, as it opened its doors in May 2019, after a radical, all-out renovation.
  • It has a distinct style, following the BoHo movement of philosophy and design.
  • Its location is in the heart of the city. It is one of Athens hotels near Acropolis and the vibrant area of Psirri.
  • Has 8 unique rooms that can suit different needs.
  • It’s close to Monastiraki Metro station, directly linking it with the Athens airport. Furthermore, it’s even closer to the Thissio Railway station, directly linking it with the Port of Piraeus!
  • It has a beautiful roof garden, with a great view of the Psirri and Monastiraki area. The roof garden is exclusive to the guests of Ederlezi Boutique Apartments & Hotel. Thus, it is never too crowded and noisy, perfect for relaxing moments or even professional meetings!
  • Has all modern amenities one can expect from a newly renovated, stylish Boutique Hotel.
  • Its staff are themselves all residents of the neighborhood. Thus, they have many insider food and drink suggestions for the area!
  • It uses a self-check in procedure, so guests can check into their rooms at whatever time they reach the hotel. It is the most convenient way a guest can expect to check in to a room.

All these features, make Ederlezi Boutique Hotel the premium choice among the best hotels in Athens Greece. Moreover, if you want to experience it first-hand, just book a stay with us. You can book now, directly on our website, or you can call us on (+30) 211 1828454. For special events or group bookings you can send an e-mail to

What defines the best hotels in Athens?

“Good” is a subjective term. For any one of us there are different definitions of what are “good” qualities in a hotel. They are subject to individual tastes and, sometimes, needs of the moment. They change with time, with experience and with different stays in different hotels. Hence, you may stay in a hotel with a feature you have not seen before. After your stay, this becomes a must-have for any future hotel you will be staying. Ultimately, this hotel becomes the benchmark for you as you compare this experience with others. The location also plays a major role in the characterization of “best hotels in Athens”. Some features that might be considered “good” and desirable in a region are not considered in another region. Even in the same city, different types of hotels that offer different amenities, vary in the perception of guests. Objectively, a “good” hotel must satisfy a list of features and characteristics, common to all accommodations. Set up by hospitality industry practice and standards, these are features that make a hotel “good”. An objectively “good” hotel is one that has all, or most of these features:

  • Excellent location, in the center of their area, giving access to all interesting sights
  • Proximity to means of public transportation, that lead to points of entry (airports, ports etc.)
  • Comfort in sleeping arrangements, with state-of-the-art beds, mattresses and pillows
  • Full modern amenities that ensure the guests’ satisfaction
  • Non-polluting, natural materials and a positive environmental outlook
  • Attention to detail in the arrangements, procedures and special requests of guests
  • Quality of service with the guest at the center of consideration
  • Unique and memorable style, though with a touch of the local culture
  • Helpful and knowledgeable staff, ready to point the guest to interesting sights, but also to food, drink & entertainment suggestions

Best hotels in Athens for each category of traveler – Tourists

Athens is one of the most visited cities on the planet! Moreover, millions of tourists come to Athens each year to see its incredible historic sites. The Acropolis of Athens is one of the most recognizable monuments in the entire world. People come from far away to marvel at it and be in touch with the ancient Greek spirit. The Ancient Agora of Athens, the place where philosophers taught and politicians spoke. The Academy of Plato, the first “higher learning” institution. The Pillars of Olympian Zeus, Hadrian’s Gate and other Roman sights, from the time of the Roman conquest. Byzantine churches, unique for their seamless positioning in the oldest neighborhoods of the historic center of Athens. Many newer monuments, like the neoclassical mansions of rich merchants in Plaka, Athens and Psirri, Athens! Modern landmarks such as the SNFCC, Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center. Great festivals and cultural events all year round.

What travelers need to find

Tourists coming to see magnificent Athens and spend days in the Greek capital want to find:

  • Some of the best hotels in Athens, with all necessary amenities.
  • Location near the major tourist sights of Athens, be them ancient or modern.
  • Proximity to a Metro station, even better to the most central ones, like Syntagma &, Monastiraki. This way, they can have access to the entire Athens transportation network and find themselves wherever they want. After all, historic Attica as a whole has many monuments and natural beauty outside of Athens. A visitor can explore and enjoy a vast array of landmarks and natural landscapes with a tourist ticket.
  • Relaxing atmosphere, in the rooms and common areas of the hotel. After all, tourists want to relax between sightseeing excursions.
  • Convenience in their hours of check in and check out, that correspond to the airplane and boat schedules. Younger tourists especially love this particular aspect of modern hotel operations, since they mostly travel on night flights to save money!
  • Staff that “has done their homework” and can direct the visitor to sights not well-known. Couples seek romantic spots preferably only a few know, to have beautiful memories together; groups of young friends love Instagrammable places that will generate “likes” by their jealous friends back home; families appreciate activities they can do all together. Moreover, members of the staff that truly know the area can be a real asset to a hotel.

Best hotels in Athens for each category of traveler – Business Travelers

Athens is also a great place for business, with the end of the financial crisis bringing new opportunities. Thus, many business travelers visit the city, conducting meetings, sealing economic deals and searching for business partners for new projects. They also come for a number of MICE events held each year in the Greek capital by international associations. Athens is considered one of Europe’s premier Meetings & Events destinations. Finally, most of the MICE tourists tend to stay in the hotels that host their meetings. Many, however, prefer to search elsewhere for a stylish & affordable accommodation in Athens, that suits their needs better. They may want to be closer to a monument they want to visit, or near a neighborhood they know from a previous visit. Some frequent business travelers also have the habit of always staying in the same accommodation, when it is available. That is because it is familiar to them; it has some features they are used to and find comfort in; it is very convenient location-wise; or just plain and simple they get to know the owners and the staff and have a special connection with them! Habit, predictability and assured quality of service are very important to a repeated business traveler. Ultimately, that is why, all over the world, business travelers prefer unique boutique hotels in Athens to “faceless” properties of international chains.

Business travelers in Athens require:

  • A location in the center of Athens, where most business centers, meeting halls and office spaces are close by.
  • Access to the Athens metro system that brings the entire Athens conurbation within reach. Hence, is essential since many companies or associations have their headquarters in the northern or southern suburbs. Also, several events each year take place in conference halls and facilities outside the center of Athens.
  • A unique, comfortable and possibly private space among the best hotels in Athens. Thus, to conduct some business meetings or work in relative peace. Hotels with unique meeting facilities such as roof gardens are ideal for business travelers and their professional engagements.
  • A personal connection to the staff of the hotel. They can understand and remember their needs or have the leeway to make amendment to procedures, for the guest’s convenience.

Best hotels in Athens for each category of traveler – Stopover visitors

There’s a third category of visitors to Athens: Those tourists or business travelers that reach Athens as an intermediate stop to or from the Greek Islands. They spend only one or two nights in Athens, usually as a stopover between the airport and the port. Though they don’t view Athens as their primary destination, they try to make the best of the time they have here. Stopover visitors in Athens require a number of amenities for their short stay:

  • Location in the center of the city, near the most important monuments. This will help them see at least the Acropolis and the Ancient Agora during their brief stay.
  • Walking distance from a metro station that leads them from and to the airport and the port. Alternatively, and supplementary, a solid partnership of the hotel with a reliable transfer provider. This is especially important in the case of traveling groups of more than 4-5 people, with large suitcases.
  • Proximity to famed Athenian nightlife spots and also to restaurants and brunch establishments. Stopover tourists do not have time to waste searching for places to eat and have a drink.
  • Comfortable accommodation in some of the best hotels in Athens. Moreover, large beds and soft mattresses for sleeping and relaxing before or after long flights and boat trips.
  • Stylish facilities and modern amenities, with a touch of Greek culture.
  • Convenience in the hours of check in and check out. Stopover guests come and go in odd hours, due to the airplane and boat schedules.
  • Affordable pricing, as this stay is most times an afterthought for the visitor. Spending the travel budget on hotels in the main destination, airplane & boat tickets, limits the price one can pay.


The Ederlezi Boutique Hotel experience

Ederlezi Boutique Hotel in Psirri, Athens is the best choice among the best places to stay in Athens Greece, for any kind of traveler. Furthermore, it is ideal for tourists who want to experience the ancient city and its monuments; for the business travelers who really need to stay somewhere near the business center of Athens and conduct meetings; for those who are in transit between their city of origin and the Greek Islands and vice versa; even for Greeks from other parts of the country who have important business to attend to in the capital. For all those and more, Ederlezi Boutique Hotel offers clean and comfortable accommodation; It offers the best location possible in the vibrant Psirri neighborhood and superior quality of service. Very soon it will provide the best food and drink options, when its restaurant and wine cellar open! It offers an excellent value for money for any visitor to Athens. Whatever is your reason for visiting Athens, business, sightseeing or just a stopover, Ederlezi Boutique Hotel awaits you. Experience the vibrant neighborhood of Psirri, in one of the best hotels in Athens city center. Moreover, see all that Athens has to offer and relax, in a natural environment. Book now directly with us, call at (+30) 211 1828454 or send an email at