Best brunch in Athens

by Jun 28, 2024Blog

Are you on the hunt for the best brunch in Athens city center? This blog post delves into some of the top brunch spots in the heart of the capital, based on the reviews from Trip Advisor and Google Business. During the last decade, brunch has found its way into the Greek culture, becoming increasingly popular. This unique blend of hearty lunch portions and breakfast flavors is bridging the gap between the two meals perfectly. It brings together the best of both worlds, offering unique taste experiences that have become a beloved daily ritual. Let’s embrace brunch in the Greek lifestyle and highlight two of the finest brunch spots right in the center of Athens.


Usurum Gastrobar

Usurum, is located to Psyrri and has quickly become a favorite destination for all the foreign and local visitors of the center of Athens. Its unique and refreshing atmosphere is ideal for a relaxed break during your city center visit. In Usurum you will find a beautifully designed interior that offers incredible brunch recipes. It is open during the whole year, welcoming guests all day long, up to late at nght. Gastronomy is really important for their team, thus they believe it is a way of life. That is their core philosophy and it permeates everything they create and do in Usurum.

In Usurum Gastrobar you will find the best brunch in Athens, amazing coffee blends to start your day, fresh juices, smoothies and signature cocktails. All their foods and drinks have great nutritional value and are made by high-quality ingredients and their recipes are mostly based in Mediterranean cuisine, offering numerous options for you to choose. Every Friday & Saturday you can enjoy their DJ parties until 03:00 at night, while during the rest of the week Usurum closes at 01:00.

Usurum has a central location in Psyrri and a beautiful setting, thus is perfect for hosting any type of event. You can organize your presentation or any business meeting and any type of celebration with your friends or family. If you’re in Psirri and the heat is overwhelming, Usurum’s courtyard offers a much-needed cool respite. The vibrant shades in its décor and the lush greenery create a unique atmosphere for enjoying your brunch or your coffee. During summer, the courtyard’s roof is opened, providing the perfect escape from the heat of the city center.

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The Picky Specialty Coffee and Brunch

Picky, located in the emerging Psirri neighborhood, has undoubtedly one of the best brunch in Athens city center. Its location makes it an ideal choice for grabbing a coffee or enjoying some healthy brunch options. The name Picky reflects their philosophy perfectly, as it implies a discerning choice. Their team is always in pursuit of the highest quality materials and place great importance on the nutritional value and quality of all their dishes.

Picky’s three main pillars are a huge variety of savory and sweet brunch oprions, the top-quality coffee from Taf and wraps made only with fresh and local ingredients. Their recipes utilize raw materials from Greece, in order to maximize the benefits of the Mediterranean cuisine.

Pair your coffee with a healthy brunch, a wrap or their irresistable tiramisu pancake with cocoa and mascarpone, if you prefer sweet flavors. Additionally, they offer a selection of fresh juices & smoothies, yogurt bowls and wraps, all prepared with great attention to detail. Picky offers options for everyone, so it also offers a large variety of vegan dishes, such as vegan lunch boxes or street food without meat. You can rest assured that all products at Picky are 100% organic. Their dishes have unique flavors, cause of their organic ingredients that are grown with the most advanced and sustainable agricultural methods.

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