Top Hotels in Athens

by Oct 30, 2019Blog

Ederlezi Boutique Hotel, among the top hotels in Athens

Ederlezi Boutique Hotel is one of the top hotels in Athens. This statement is not something we say, but the opinion of its guests! It combines all the features that make for a top hotel and then some! Ederlezi Boutique Hotel is a brand-new hotel that started operating in May 2019. Since then, guests from all over the world have stayed in its BoHo-styled rooms and suites. They have enjoyed their wine, coffee and food in its beautiful roof garden. Also, they relaxed, traded experiences and had meaningful conversations. They got insider tips for the area of Psirri, Monastiraki, Plaka and beyond from the knowledgeable staff. Finally, they found not just a place stay in Athens, but a place to live! Ederlezi Boutique Hotel welcomes its guests in its 8 unique rooms and suites. It offers them all the amenities they would need for a perfect stay in Athens. You may ask: what places it among the top hotels in Athens? Not just its location in the vibrant Psirri neighborhood, but its quality of service and its attention to detail. Moreover, not just its amenities, but also the vivid memories that its guests create here. Not just its incredible roof garden with the 15 varieties of Greek plants and herbs and its 2 olive trees. The entire Ederlezi experience that a guest has, is what makes it one of the top hotels in Athens! Soon it will offer more amenities and facilities to its guests. As the hotel is evolving, so too the Ederlezi experience evolves with it. If there were already reasons enough for its guests to stay in it, soon there would be even more! What are those new features? Well, we don’t want to spoil the surprise, do we? Let’s say they will be … quite tasty!



Ederlezi Apartments – Top hotels in Athens

And if the 8 rooms are not enough, the Ederlezi Athens apartments are capable of further suiting any guests’ needs: Ederlezi Diamond: A 2-bedroom house in Psirri that 4 people can occupy. It is so close to Ederlezi Boutique Hotel, that we may consider it its extension! With a kitchen and a washer-dryer machine in its equipment, it is a place for longer stays. A few days in Athens cannot do justice to this ancient and lively city! Ederlezi Sapphire: A stylish studio for 2 or 3 people in Metaxourgheio, 1-min. on foot from the Metro station. It has a spectacular view of the Acropolis of Athens and all natural materials. Is as if there’s an extra room of the Ederlezi Boutique Hotel right in Metaxourgheio! Ederlezi Emerald: A large 100-sq.m. apartment, it can house up to 8 people simultaneously. A 2-min walk to the Metaxourgheio Metro station. Following in style and substance the Ederlezi Boutique Hotel, it is suited for large groups of friends. Certainly, the best way to explore a city like Athens is with your friends and family by your side. The Ederlezi Emerald is the place to stay during this trip of a lifetime. Ederlezi Boutique Hotel is one of the top hotels in Athens; the Ederlezi Apartments are some of the top apartments in Athens. They are quality choices for shorter of more extended stays, for business, or pleasure. They are some of the best places to stay in Athens and you will find it out!

Top Hotels in a major city

A major city, such as a world capital, has a great number of visitors each month. The reasons may vary. Tourism and sightseeing. Business and commerce. Education and conferences. Meetups with friends and family they haven’t seen for a long time. Many reasons would justify one’s travel in another city and a large city at that. So, when they travel, they need to stay somewhere nice, to find comfort and relaxation. They need to have a series of amenities that make their stay better and more convenient. Some hotels have distinguished themselves as the top hotels in a destination. Their names may be synonymous with luxury, comfort, relaxation or other aspects of hospitality. Others may not be so famous as names, but to have excellent reputation and dedicated repeat guests. A major city, such as a capital, has fierce competition on this field. A large number of hotels of every classification vie for the distinction of being a top hotel in a destination. Where a larger number of hotels exist, greater competition ensues. Hotels of premium international chains go toe to toe with established local hotels and newer, hip boutique hotels. Concept and design hotels look to each other for inspiration in adding amenities, features & guest experiences. Sometimes the “competing” hotels are in the same general area, or even on the same street!

Features of a top hotel in Athens or any major city include:

  • Convenient location in the heart of the Guests must be able to access points of interest on foot, or by local transportation. They also need to be close to important administrative buildings, to restaurants and nightlife spots. Supermarkets, grocery stores, liquor stores, pastry shops, pharmacies, even head dressers and barbers. They need to know that whatever they might need is close by!
  • Hotels in Athens city center must have access to the public transportation infrastructure of the city. The best way is to be close to a Metro station. In major cities, the metro system is widespread and is connected with all other means of transportation. It forms the backbone of a busy city’s daily commute load.
  • Unique and instantly recognizable design. Mass produced hotel furnishings are the norm in chain hotels, but a truly top hotel needs something “more”.
  • Elegant, memorable and unique characteristics. From the furnishing to a special style, to a very unique prop, there must me something that a guest remembers. Because we live in a modern, “visual” world, we can admit it: there must be something that the guest would want to post on his/her social media feeds!

More features

  • A wide array of choices for bedding configurations, for 2, 4 or more people. Groups of friends and families want to stay and sleep together after all!
  • A number of amenities, for the convenience and comfort of the guests. Coffee stations, mini-bars, electricity sockets in convenient spots. Some people come to work in a major city, and may stay many hours inside their rooms!
  • Friendly but professional staff, with great quality of service. An important asset of the staff of a hotel is also their knowledge of the local area. Any insider tips a staff member of a hotel can give a guest, will make a difference in the stay!
  • Good communication of the guests with the staff, during all stages of the booking process and the stay. It is very important that a guest has all the necessary information and available options.
  • Ease in making a reservation, with a presence in all major booking platforms and of course, with direct booking capability. Booking directly with the hotel usually ensures the best pricing!

Top Hotels in Athens

Like every major city, Athens has its top hotels. Athens, as the capital of Greece, receives many millions of visitors each year. Non-Greeks can come for sightseeing or business. They can also come to see friends or relatives. Greeks from other regions come to Athens primarily for business, for health or educational reasons. They also come to see their relatives and friends who live in the capital. Tourists come to Athens to marvel at its incredible sights, both old and new. They also stay sometimes for a night as a waystop between the airport and the Greek Islands or vice versa. They want to make the most of the limited time they have in Athens. All of these people require ample and quality accommodation, that will enable them to go about their business without worrying. During the recent years, there has been a tourism boom in the capital of Greece. Already established hotels closed down due to competition, economic circumstances and bad management. Many new hotels opened their doors. Older buildings changed use and transformed into stylish boutique hotels. Hundreds of properties in the historic center changed hands, and their new owners renovated them to offer them to tourists. The rise of the sharing economy made the city a paradise for short-stay apartments and boutique apartments in Athens. The accommodation options in Athens are many and vary in form and purpose. But only a few of them are the ones visitors consider the top!

The top hotels in Athens must have the following characteristics:

  • A location in the heart of Athens, near all the major sights and with access to the extensive Athens metro system. Though Athens is a grand conurbation, most of the famous, interesting sights are in relative proximity, in the historic center. Hotels near Acropolis and hotels near Plaka give you the oportunity to visit some of the greatest places of Athens.
  • An easy way to come and go to the Athens airport and the Piraeus port. The airport is the gateway to Greece, while the port is the gateway to the magnificent Greek Islands.
  • Convenience in the check-in procedure to the guests’ rooms during all times of day and night. Schedules of planes and boats vary and many guests can come well into the night! They need to have an easy way to access their rooms and relax from their trip.
  • A remarkable and easily recognizable style, with simple lines and not much pomp. Some Greek hotels in the past tended to have unnecessary design and construction burdens, courtesy of overzealous architects and designers.
  • Eager, friendly and professional staff, who are ready to help the guests in every facet of their stay. Athens has many options for food, drink and entertainment. The staff must have insider knowledge and make personalized suggestions, according to guests’ interests and needs.


More characteristics

  • A defining characteristic. Something special that sets it apart from the competition and one can only find it at this particular hotel. This is a trait that a number of hotels and short-stay apartments in Athens lack. Many, especially older ones are carbon-copies of one another. A characteristic like that is one more reason for a guest to pick the specific hotel among the multitude. It is also a reason to stay again at this hotel.
  • Affordable pricing on all of its different categories of rooms. When it comes to pricing, there is a feature of hotels in Greece: they tend to the extreme sometimes, either being too pricey or too cheap, but of lower quality.
  • The general consensus of its guests about its quality and amenities. One can find many reviews on online booking platforms and review sites. They accurately reflect the guest experience and provide useful information about all features and details of a stay.
  • The personal relationships that guests forged with the staff and even among themselves. It is not unusual for a staff member to be the high point of a stay. Greeks have hospitality running in their veins since ancient times and love nothing more than to provide it to guests.


The Ederlezi experience

As one of the top hotels in Athens, Ederlezi Boutique Hotel offers its guests the best possible experience. It has all the necessary characteristics to stay in their minds as one of the best hotels in Athens. Its location, amenities, comfort, quality of service, attention to detail and more, make it the choice for staying in Athens. There is actually nothing more one could ask for from a hotel in Athens today. Scores of satisfied guests, excellent reviews and, most of all, eagerness to return for their next stay, prove it! For its time of operation, Ederlezi Boutique Hotel has already a following and a clientele. It has given promises it kept and that’s why its guests consider it one of the top hotels in Athens. Book a stay with us and discover why Ederlezi Boutique Hotel is considered one of the top hotels in Athens. Just send us an email at or give us a call at (+30) 211 1828454. You can also see our availabilities and book directly through our website. Ederlezi Boutique Hotels awaits you in Athens, to make memories. We await you not to stay, but live with us!