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Visit Athens, the capital of Greece

Visit Athens, the capital of modern Greece. A city of over 4 million people. It is the administrative, commercial, cultural and economic center of the country. A world-class tourist destination and the site of many conferences and meetings during the course of the year. Athens is one of most visited cities on Earth, with many millions coming each year and throughout all 12 months of the year. The local tourism infrastructure is one of the best. Greeks were always hospitable and tourism is an industry that Greeks cultivated for decades. All major hotel chains have hotels in Athens. Many established local hotel chains are synonymous with luxury, quality and special services. Also, many new, design boutique hotels brought new hospitality perspectives and choices for the visitors of Athens. As a result, Athens has many beautiful hotels, boutique hotels and other accommodation for every guest. With the rise of the short-term stay movement, owners of thousands of Athens apartments renovated them. They offered them to the burgeoning incoming tourist traffic, bookable directly or through online booking platforms. Athens, especially the areas of the historic center, became full of stylish, comfortable and practical boutique apartments. This practice lifted the total capacity of Athens accommodation by a great factor, to satisfy the increasing need. It also improved the quality and memorability of the accommodation, as every boutique apartment is a unique experience!

Visit Athens – Ederlezi Boutique Hotel

Ederlezi Boutique Hotel opened in May 2019 and has already managed to be one of the reasons to visit Athens! It is in the heart of Athens, the vibrant Psyri area, very close to the Monastiraki Metro station. Also, it offers unique hospitality and superior quality of service, combining it with the BoHo style of design and decoration. Ederlezi Boutique Hotel is one of the favorite hotels of many visitors to Athens. Despite being just a year old, its 8 unique rooms had thousands of guests who left with the best memories. Moreover, its exquisite roof garden has been the place for conversation, relaxation and enjoyment. Its staff and their demeanor are remembered fondly by guests. In Ederlezi Boutique Hotel “you come as a guest, leave as friend and return as family!”

Ederlezi Zoubourlou Aparthotel

Ederlezi Zoubourlou Aparthotel is the latest addition to the Ederlezi brand. If there’s a location in Athens that we can deem as “perfect”, is this one, right on Psyri square! On a straight line from the entrance to the Monastiraki Metro station and in walking distance from the Acropolis. Furthermore, Ederlezi Zoubourlou Aparthotel has 4 distinct rooms, right above the delightful Zoubourlou dessert shop, in the heart of Psyri. It combines perfect accommodation in the center of Athens, with the smells and tastes of Zoubourlou. Ultimately, a stay in Ederlezi Zoubourlou Aparthotel is an experience on its own when you visit Athens.


Visit Athens & Ederlezi Apartments

The Ederlezi Apartments are a collection of Boutique apartments in the most central areas of Athens. Their locations in Psyri, Metaxourgheio and Kolonos place them near most major sights and also near Metro stations. Staying at the Ederlezi apartments when you visit Athens, you can find yourself at important sights in minutes. All apartments are recently renovated, with all-natural materials and an attention to detail you cannot easily encounter.  

Ederlezi Crystal

This new addition to Ederlezi Living is one of the best apartments you could ever wish staying in Athens! In a quiet promenade of Psyri, on the first floor of a beautiful building, Ederlezi Crystal offers an unparalleled experience. Up to 6 people can stay in two bedrooms with double beds and a living room with a sofa-bed. They can cook in the kitchen, watch TV, or relax in the balcony, overlooking the scenic Taki str.

Ederlezi Diamond

A 2-bedroom house in Psyri, on the crossroads of two promenades, right above the Cultivos Coffee Psyri brunch spot! Ederlezi Diamond combines the BoHo style of design with an excellent location and an assortment of amenities. All these features make it unique! Up to 4 people can stay here. They will be near the Monastiraki Metro station, Syntagma, the Acropolis and many other famous sights. Of course, they will be near the rich and vibrant nightlife of the Athens historic center! Near? No, we mean right next to it!

Ederlezi Emerald

A large, 100 sq.m. apartment for up to 8 people in the Metaxourgheio neighborhood, the Ederlezi Emerald is made for friends! 3 double beds in 3 bedrooms and 1 sofa-bed in the living room provide comfortable sleep and relaxation. The large communal table is the place for the entire group to eat together, or plan their exploration of Athens. In addition, the spacious balcony is perfect for a rich breakfast before your Athens adventures!

Ederlezi Sapphire

We do not exaggerate If we say that this studio is one of the reasons to visit Athens! Apart from the standards of Ederlezi hospitality and the BoHo style of the space, Ederlezi Sapphire has a great asset. Something all of its guests loved! A real, unobstructed Acropolis view! The balcony of Ederlezi Sapphire, with the railing of beech wood is the perfect place to sit and relax, drink your wine with the Acropolis in the background. This is the place for your perfect memories of Athens! You’ll find it out yourself.

Ederlezi Ruby/Pearl

Two 4-person apartments in Kolonos, that share a garden, Ederlezi Ruby and Ederlezi Pearl can be booked separately or together. Moreover, the two new additions to the Ederlezi brand are ideal for a large group of up to eight people. If you wish to stay in different apartments but want to hang out together and be in close proximity, those two apartments are ideal for you.

Reasons to visit Athens

Athens is a major world and European capital. It’s a city with millennia of history and culture and a modern entrepreneurial hub. There are literally hundreds of reasons one can have for visiting Athens. Whether a tourist, a business traveler, a Greek from another part of the country. Or whether you come here for the city as a destination by itself or a transit point to the Greek Islands. Athens has something for you! Below are some of the reasons to visit Athens!

Visit Athens – Sightseeing

Millenia of history and culture made Athens one of the best places to visit for sightseeing. Early Antiquity, the Golden Years of Pericles, the Roman Times, all through the Byzantine times and the Ottoman years. The birth of the modern Greek state, the turbulent 19th and 20th centuries. All have left their mark in Athens and its public spaces. Sightseeing is one of the most popular reasons to visit Athens.

The Antiquities

Classical Athens was one of the most important civilizations in History. It was the source of much of what we consider now Western Civilization. Many of the places and buildings that ancient Athenians frequented are still easy to identify. First, the Acropolis of Athens, the ancient Agora, the Kerameikos archaeological site. Then. the Roman Pillars of Olympian Zeus, Hadrian’s Gate and the Odeon of Herod Atticus. Also, the Athenian fortifications, the Gate of Athena in Plaka and many more. The list is endless, as will be your experiences in Athens!

The Byzantine churches

Athens was one of the first cities that had a Christian community, from the times of Paul the Apostle. However, it was not a very important city during Byzantine times. Small Byzantine churches of distinct architecture dot the historic center. Kapnikarea, Ag. Dynami, Ag. Nikolaos Ragavi and Ag. Anargyroi are points of national heritage and links to the past.

19th-20th century sights

After the birth of the modern Greek state, rich Greek merchants of Europe, sponsored the creation of public buildings and manors. Their names and statues are in many central streets, but their true legacy are the magnificent buildings they offered. The National Library, the Rectorate of the University, the Academy of Athens, the Numismatic Museum, dozens of other buildings, public and private residences. Some of the greatest architects of the 19th century like Ziller and Hansen worked here, becoming Greeks in the process! The next beautiful neoclassical building with the style and the intricate details, is just around the corner!  

Visit Athens – Food

Athens is a foodie’s paradise! Different cuisines, different approaches, fresh materials, creativity! This city has a place on the table for everyone who loves good food in all of its forms!


Food culture is taking over Athens fast! Many new restaurants open each month. Greek cuisine, international and ethnic, fusion cuisine, new takes on classic restaurant forms, here you can find everything. Athens is also home to long-established, restaurants with great history and awards. Popular chefs have their own businesses that enjoy commercial and critical success. The options are nearly infinite!

Street food

Athens has a long tradition of street food parlors. From classic simple roasted chestnuts and corn to ethnic food of various immigrant communities. Though carts on the street are rare, several small spots offer a variety of street food options.

Brunch spots – Dessert Shops

A new trend in Athens, offering unique atmosphere and tastes, the thematic dessert shops make dreams come true. With intricate decorations, straight out of fairy tales, unique sweet creations and joyful staff, you’ll love them. Each is unique, each is inimitable and each one is an experience on its own! Furthermore, they are the most Instagrammable places you’ll find! Come and eat, photograph, experience, dream!  

Visit Athens – Nightlife

Athens is one of the entertainment capitals of the world! Stylish bars and cocktail parlors, many smaller and larger music halls and an assortment of unique concept spots prove it. Athenians and tourists keep exploring them, because they change and evolve constantly. Monastiraki, Psyri and Plaka in the center, but also the northern and southern suburbs, are hubs of nightlife!


Athens is home to some of the best bars of Europe and the world. The international travel guides list many of them as “must-gos” and there are featured in Top 10 Lists of publications. Recently, 2 Athenian Bars were included in the 10 Best Bars of the World list. Creative concoctions of cocktails by experienced bartenders, intricate decorations and a cosmopolitan atmosphere, is the essence of an Athenian bar!

Music halls

Athens is dotted with music halls with live music. Whether they are large music stages featuring pop and “laika” artists, or small independent live shows, Athenians attend them. Talented musicians, singers and performers of all kinds perform for smaller or bigger audiences on regular or semi-regular basis. Especially on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, chances are there’s a live performance in an establishment near you!

Coffee places

Having coffee is one of Greeks’ “national pastimes”. The option to have lengthy afternoon coffee with friends, is something that helped many Greeks cope with the economic crisis. Having coffee with friends is a ritual of its own and many stylish coffee houses cater to this need all over the Athens conurbation. Larger or smaller establishments, themed or just plain simple, with various blends of coffee and sweets offer social spaces and good company. Furthermore, there is also a great rise in branded coffee roasteries. These are smaller franchise establishments, that dot nearly all corners and offer cheaper coffee on the go.


Visit Athens – Culture

Athens is synonymous with culture in the mind of millions and modern Athens does not fail to deliver. Apart from the connection to the Ancient Greeks, Athens today is a multi-cultural city, with cultures creatively interacting. All arts, visual, performing, modern are served in Athens, with the existence of a variety of cultural spaces. Social charity foundations set the tone of artistic expression, with grants and allocation of free creative space.


Athens is famous for its museums! From the distinct New Acropolis Museum to the National Archaeological Museum and the Numismatic Museum. Moreover, from the newly-opened National Museum of Modern Art to various private, not-for-profit museums. If you visit Athens you can explore the history, culture, daily life, but also modern artistic expression. Hundreds of museums await you! No one is like the next. Every museum will teach you something different and leave you wanting for more!

Creative Spaces

During the last years, many spaces in Athens changed use and became creative spaces. Galleries, theaters, experimental art spaces, workshops, tatoo parlors opened, where a multitude of businesses and shops used to be. Artists, either by themselves or in groups, brought their art and inspiration to neighborhoods that until recently were of lower esteem. This practice uplifted those areas and produced creative hubs, that brought Athens to the forefront of art. Athens is hailed by art critics as “the new Berlin”, and this art renaissance begun in the city’s creative spaces.

Lecture halls

Every day in Athens there are dozens of lectures on a dozen subjects! Athens is full of places for public speaking. Art coffee houses, bookstores with special spaces, dedicated lecture halls of museums and charity foundations, hotel ball rooms. Greeks gather to speak, listen and comment on artistic and social subjects. Most of them are in Greek, but some are in English or can be summarized in English and other languages. In addition, most of them are free, or with a small ticket. Lecture cycles around a subject can start in October and last until May or June. There is much free knowledge around!

Visit Athens – Shopping

Athens has a large and diverse market, for everything you would wish for. Authentic products of various luxury brands, more economic clothing, shoes, accessories, books, items, presents, cosmetics etc. You name it, Athens has it! Not only in great shopping malls, or its luxury central shops, but in local shops and wholesalers. Athens will certainly treat with you with a surprise!

Stores in the center

Shopping in Athens, as in all major cities, is best combined with food, coffee and entertainment. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the center! The center of Athens, particularly Ermou str. and the adjoining streets, are a hub of commercial activity. Large shops of luxury brands and famous cosmetics stores, bookstores, appliance stores, all stand next to each other. Thousands traverse these streets every day. They shop and then they enjoy coffee, food and desserts in one of the many upper-class cafes and restaurants, some of them with an Acropolis view! At night time, Ermou and the surrounding streets bathe in light and sometimes music, as street musicians perform across it. Shopping in Athens is an experience of its own!

Shopping malls

Athens is home to some of the best shopping malls in Europe. Mainly in the northern and southern suburbs, shopping malls double as family entertainment centers. Especially in the weekends, but also throughout the week, Greeks of all ages and social strata are here. Shopping from a variety of shops, for clothing, books and technology. Moreover, eating in premium eateries, some of them being exclusively there. Having quality time in the multiplex cinemas or participating in one of the events! The shopping malls of Athens are not only the places for premium shopping and entertainment, but also to see and be seen!

Shopping outlets

Shopping outlets are a feature of all major cities and Athens is not an exception. Collections of shops selling premium brands of clothing in lower prices are located in parts of Athens, mainly the eastern and western suburbs. Athenians and tourists love them! There, they can find clothing and accessories in lower prices and they sometimes visit them in groups to stock up! Also, they usually feature restaurants and coffee shops for a quick bite, between shopping sprees!

The Ederlezi Experience

Ederlezi Boutique Hotel, Ederlezi Zoubourlou Aparthotel and the Ederlezi apartments, all offer the premium Ederlezi Experience. They offer superior accommodation, with style, substance and quality of service. Also,they are in the heart of Athens, in the best neighborhoods, near Metro stations. They are in walking distance of most major sights of the Greek capital, including the Acropolis of Athens. Their guests enjoy the best Athens has to offer, in terms of accommodation. In essence, they are an encapsulation of the reasons someone has to visit Athens. Book a stay with us and experience firsthand the Ederlezi Experience. Just send us an email at, or give us a call at (+30) 2111828454 we will be glad to welcome you in one of our properties! There are many reasons to visit Athens and after staying with us you will find out the Ederlezi Experience is one of them!