Athens Hotels Near Plaka

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Ederlezi – Athens Hotels near Plaka

Ederlezi Boutique Hotel is perhaps one of the best Athens hotels near Plaka. Its location in the vibrant neighborhood of Psirri places it in walking distance from the Acropolis and all major sights. After an extensive recent renovation, it opened its doors in May 2019 to offer hospitality and superior quality of service. It has 8 unique rooms, following the BoHo style of design and the principle of stylish simplicity. Moreover, It also has a beautiful roof garden, with 15 varieties of Greek and Mediterranean plants and 2 olive trees growing. Its unmatched quality of service and its amenities make it the ideal choice if you search for hotels near Plaka!



Ederlezi Diamond Apartment near Plaka

Ederlezi Diamond apartment is a short-stay apartment near Plaka, very close to Ederlezi Boutique Hotel Athens in Psirri, Athens. It follows the same design principles as Ederlezi Boutique Hotel and it is in essence its extension. Families or groups of friends who wish to explore Plaka will find it a perfect solution for their stay. Its amenities include a kitchenette and a washer – dryer. Its patio is the perfect place for morning coffee or afternoon conversations. Ultimately, Ederlezi Athens apartments truly have something for everyone and awaits to be the spot of your Athens memories!

Athens Hotels near Plaka, the “neighborhood of the Gods”

Plaka is perhaps one of the most famous neighborhoods of Athens. It is certainly the most iconic and picturesque! At the foot of the Acropolis, Plaka is a neighborhood like none in the entire world! There are not many areas that can claim such proximity to a historically significant ancient monument of world renown. Furthermore, there are not many areas that are still habitable and buzzing with activity, while near monuments! Historical evidence make archeologists to consider Plaka as the oldest continuously-inhabited urban neighborhood of Europe. Plaka is a lordly district, full of older, stylish mansions, of neoclassical design. Some of them belong to important families of Athens and existed before the Independence of the modern Greek state. Many are now in the possession of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and in the list of places of historic significance. Plaka is also an alive and colorful area. Hundreds of locals and tourists walk each minute in its narrow passages. Moreover, they climb up and down the stairs or enjoy delights in one of the stylish cafes and eateries. In addition, they take pictures and post them on social media. Also, they spot in fascination at the ancient monuments and more modern small private museums. They buy original and tasteful souvenirs from Greece at one of the many tourist shops. And finally, they discover small corners of this incredibly beautiful area, that time seems to forgot! And if you care about your social media feed? Well, Plaka, Athens and its surrounding districts will not disappoint you. The sights, both ancient and newer, the people, the smells, the sounds, all are a blessing for your Instagram! Plaka, just like Psirri – Monastiraki, are certainly some of the most Instagrammable locations of Europe and one of the best places to stay in Athens.

Things to see in Plaka

There are many things to see in Plaka, Athens. Despite its location in one of the most central parts of Athens, Plaka sometimes seems like an island town! A visitor in Plaka can wander for hours around, always discovering something new and interesting! Things one can see in Plaka include:

  • The Acropolis of Athens itself, the symbol of democracy, philosophy, common sense and all that Athens offered to Western civilization. Acropolis Hill lies within the boundaries of Plaka. That’s why Athenians sometimes refer to the entire neighborhood and its adjacent areas collectively as “Acropolis”.
  • The New Acropolis Museum, one of the 10 best museums in the world. Modern in appearance, but classic in design, it houses many of the Parthenon Marbles and other findings from the immediate area. It is one of the most recognizable buildings in Athens and a meeting point for Athenians and tourists alike.
  • The promenade of Dionysiou Areopagitou, which many consider “the most beautiful promenade in the world”. Uniting the ancient monuments and the neoclassical mansions around the Acropolis Hill, it’s one of the favorite spots of Athenians. At every time of day, you can find here joggers, families out for a walk, groups of friends. Also, at night it is a sweet spot for loving couples to walk hand-in-hand and enjoy the illuminated Acropolis!
  • The Odeon of Herod Atticus, a template for open-aired theaters around the world. With an excellent acoustic quality, it is the site of major cultural events, in the shadow of the Acropolis.


More things to see in Plaka:

  • The narrow, paved, labyrinthine promenades that run uphill, hugging the Acropolis of Athens from most sides.
  • Older, beautiful and stylish mansions, once the houses of diplomats, politicians and professors. Even today in the possession of the same families, they now house shops, small museums, and boutique apartments.
  • The wide steps that crisscross the promenades. Pastry shops and small coffee houses claim their edges for the seating of their clientele. Hence, the combination of seated people drinking coffee and people climbing up and down the steps, gives a very lively feeling!
  • The building where the first modern Greek university opened its doors, after King Otto ordered its founding. It is now the University of Athens History Museum.

Even more things to see in Plaka:

  • Small Byzantine churches inside picturesque stone courtyards. Plaka is famous for its Christian Orthodox churches, hailing back centuries. Some of the chapels are private and belong to old Athenian families. Others are under the jurisdiction of the Greek Orthodox church or other Orthodox denominations. There is also a chapel which belongs to the Brotherhood of The Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. Each year this chapel is the first place in the world that the Holy Light arrives after its departure from Jerusalem.
  • The many traditional taverns and eateries. Plaka is famous for its traditional Greek eateries, some of them with live Greek music in the summer. Although serving mostly meat and Greek grill products, one can enjoy salads and all kinds of food in a Greek tavern. Moreover, the sound of bouzouki and guitars that accompany the visitors’ lunch and dinner hasn’t changed in decades.
  • The pastry shops, dessert shops and frozen yogurt parlors. Many of them have special concepts and signature delights. A group of tourists walking through Plaka, eating ice cream or frozen yogurt is a common sight!
  • The souvenir shops, filled with informative guides about Athens, but also with all kinds of ancient and modern Greek-inspired souvenirs. Post cards, fridge magnets, small memorabilia of Greek history, larger replicas of ancient statues or entire buildings are available here. Many shops can send purchased items through mail to whatever country in the world a byer asks them to!
  • Small music halls, with unplugged live performances, mostly in Friday and the weekend. A staple of Plaka since the 70s, many globally famous Greek singers of the 80s-90s started their careers in them. With a classic repertoire of Greek composers like Theodorakis and Hatzidakis, a visit there is an experience unto itself!

Areas near Plaka

Plaka is one of the most central districts of Athens. It was the heart of the ancient Athenian city-state, the political, social, commercial and religious center of the city. All around it lie the central parts of Athens, filled with monuments, business centers, shops and nightlife! Areas around Plaka include:

Psirri – Monastiraki

The most vibrant neighborhood of Athens, Monastiraki and Psirri are difficult to distinguish. However, together they are the beating heart of Athens, a place of constant activity. Cafes, nightlife, thematic pastry shops, beautiful neoclassical mansions, small artistic studios, boutique hotels and more, all create a mosaic. Stylish boutique hotels and apartments offer premium hospitality experiences in real walking distance from Plaka and the Acropolis of Athens. The best among them is Ederlezi Boutique Hotel and the Ederlezi Diamond apartment. They await anyone wishing to explore the area, to provide them with the best location and excellent quality of service.


The most central part of Athens, Syntagma Square teems with life and activity. Syntagma is the site of the Greek Parliament and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The National Garden, the Zappeion Conference Hall, the archaeological site of Pillars of Olympian Zeus, all are also part of Syntagma. Expensive shops, luxury hotels and experimental fusion restaurants all stand side by side, with a diverse clientele. Embassies, government buildings, offices of multinational companies, thousands of passersby and tourists, provide the area with daily traffic.

Kerameikos – Gazi

Kerameikos is an ancient area, which even the great historian Thucydides referred to by name in his writings. Today, Kerameikos is more commonly known as Gazi, due to the closed down gas refinery. Once the energy provider of Athens, the gas refinery is now a complex of many different municipal cultural spaces. Gazi is a center of clubbing and nightlife, but also the arts, with many experimental theaters and dance schools. Gazi is a neighborhood of artists and free spirits!


Metaxourgheio is an up-and-coming area, closer to Plaka than one might think. Not just geographically close, but also with the use of the Red Line of the Athens Metro: There is direct access from the “Metaxourgheio” to the “Acropolis” station! Metaxourgheio is a district of art galleries, new shops opening every day and 5* & 4* hotels! Metaxourgheio is also the location of Ederlezi Sapphire and Ederlezi Emerald, two short-stay apartments ready to accommodate every guest’s needs.

Athens Hotels near Plaka

It is a fact that there are not many Athens hotels near Plaka. The reason for this is the status of most of its buildings as wards of the Ministry of Culture. Buildings that the Ministry recognizes as exceptional, always require special permissions for any modifications. As such, only some of them, which belong to private citizens sometimes house boutique apartments for short-stay lease. Due to this exclusivity, their prices are on the upper scale. Their small number also makes them quite hard to find unbooked, especially during the spring and summer months. The best solution for travelers who want to explore and experience Plaka is to stay in Athens hotels near Plaka. Because it is in the most central part of Athens, Plaka is bordering many other neighborhoods and central parts of the city. Altogether, Plaka, Monastiraki, Psirri, Kerameikos, Syntagma and Metaxourgheio form the Historic Center of Athens. This extended area has been the city’s primary hub of activity for millennia. Most of the ancient and modern sights are right here! All those areas have many excellent hotels, boutique hotels and apartments, that are bookable either directly or through online platforms. The tourist boom in Athens during the last years reassures that there are always stylish and comfortable hotels in walking distance from Plaka. The distances are not that great after all, as all are adjacent! In a summer morning, you can enjoy a walk in Syntagma and suddenly you can find yourself in Plaka! You can start climbing down the beautiful steps in Anafiotika, Plaka and find Thission on your way!


Plaka’s hidden treasures

When you stay in Psirri, you are practically in Plaka! A small walk will bring you at the foot of the Acropolis. It will also bring you to the best nightlife, shopping and dining options Athens has to offer. If you stay in Metaxourgheio the prices are much more affordable. Just some metro stops away from Plaka, “Metaxourgheio” station is part of the Red Line, which includes the Acropolis station! So, if you want to enjoy and explore the historic and picturesque Plaka, just book a stay in an Athens hotel near Plaka. The choices are many, the prices are affordable and the distances small and walkable! Plaka, Athens awaits you to reveal its secrets. Don’t be fooled, it still has many to show you!

The Ederlezi experience

Are you in the Athens and wondering if there are hotels near me? Ederlezi Athens Boutique Apartments and Ederlezi Boutique Hotel near Plaka Athens await to offer you the Ederlezi experience. Premium hospitality, excellent quality of service, full amenities and more, in the heart of Athens, the vibrant Psirri area! Furthermore, all these and more, frame and define the Ederlezi experience! Just book a stay with us in our Athens hotel near Plaka and discover first-hand what we mean. Come as a guest, leave as a friend, return as family!